Retired Teacher and not Fulfilled

by Jeanne Florida

Retired for over a year after 37 years of teaching and single for past 10 years. Gave all to my job and daughter.

I am tutoring one student and got myself a dog.

Still feel restless. Ideas?

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by: Ed McCormick/Fulton, NY

Volunteering can be a stress reliever, if you still get around look for clubs, continuing education, helping out at a senior home.

Myself, I and 4 other retirees started a museum. We all worked at a chocolate company and started our museum FCWM (Fulton Chocolate Works Museum.

Our facebook page is

Our local Pratt House Museum

was kind enough to let us get a start at their place. I also joined their museum (I am 70) so I volunteer there on their golf tournaments, chicken barbecues and other events.

I was never a mixer, but all these people are so friendly I feel like I fit right in. I have always been handy, so I do repairs and plumbing and electrical so as to return their kindness to start a museum.

Look around I am sure someone could use a teacher and you may even find a place were volunteering could lead to more leads.

Have fun! you have worked your entire life, its time that life gave you back something.

by: Tom

Don't be so hard on yourself. Most of us are like you.

I also think we all have been fed since childhood that we are supposed to find fulfillment in retirement ie. climb your own Mt Everest
So what do you think those people who climbed that mountain did afterwards?? Sit down and finally relax being fulfilled?? I don't think so.

Fulfillment is like enlightenment; some people achieve it but most don't. I would suggest forget the word fulfillment and simply strive for the little things that make you happy or pursue the things that give you joy.

When you laugh or smile; for that moment in time all your problems and pain in life are forgotten and your brain is fulfilled... chase that... the more we smile... the more we are so-called "fulfilled" Good luck

Wendy: Tom -- I think maybe those moments in time are being CONTENT. We might not be fulfilled but recognize our circumstances in life are good. We are better off than others, reasonably happy and content with life as is.

Retired Teacher and not Fulfilled
by: William, 65 HI, USA

William, 65

Retirement as an Unfinished Perfection:

We practice perfection every day; in our laws; in our relationships. We practice perfection because everyone wants to get to "heaven".

Most that are no longer with us have completed enough perfection to transcend. The retired has to complete whatever they have been working on to the next level of perfection so they too can transition into the next life.

In order to make life's transition you must have enough completion of this life before transitioning to the next.

As retirees we have to keep making things around us better before we can see through the window of the Universe; to which later we walk through.

Life has it upon full circle, a change has come.

by: Teri/Iowa

Retired teacher myself. I have not felt the need to do this but know many teachers who substitute teach. You can choose when you are available and for what levels or buildings. Maybe 1 or 2 days a week.

Hubby and I have been full-time RVers for 4 years. Now have a summer condo. Hope to still go south for the winter. I am looking into volunteer opportunities.

Good luck!

Me too
by: Jennifer Donovan, Houghton MI

I understand completely what you are going through. I lost my husband 10 years ago and retired 5 years ago.

I loved my job as a writer & editor, never wanted to do anything else, gave my all to my work and felt entirely fulfilled by it.

After I retired, I felt like I'd lost my identity. I was no longer a writer and editor, so who was I?

I fell into a deep depression, didn't want to do anything or see anyone. Then I was approached about a freelance writing job. It made all the difference. I felt like me again.

So I sought out some other freelance jobs and now write regularly for our local newspaper, an online news website and an online magazine.

I also serve on a couple of community boards and helped organize a group of other retirees from my department, who meet for lunch once a month.

You love teaching. I'd suggest that you find some more tutoring to do, perhaps offer to teach a class at your local community center or public library. See if some other retired teachers from your school would like to get together for lunch. Find ways to use your talents. That will help fulfill you.

I feel your pain
by: Tom

I feel your pain but "fulfillment" is a complex word since it is something your must find within yourself.

Most of us go through life simply stepping up to our duties and responsibilities that we have long forgotten dreams and aspirations we had as we were young. It is similar to enlightenment.

Best of luck in finding that magical journey to enlightenment and fulfillment.

The destination is worth the journey and now that you are retired, you can focus all your energy toward that goal.

Retired Teacher and Not Fulfilled
by: Deborah/Bath Ohio

Taught for 37 years, retired 10 years, husband passed away 5 years ago...what to do with myself?

Swim 3 mornings, bowl 2 mornings, dance 1 day.

I am unfulfilled. Went back to subbing in a private Waldorf School and was in heaven, but now the school year is over.

I need some ideas of what to do with myself besides reading, walking, or exercising.

It’s hard to retire from teaching…
by: Carrie in Texas

I too retired from teaching and missed being in school so much.

After a year or so I decided to volunteer in my grandson’s school. It was just what I needed!

I could work as much or as little as I wanted and I felt like I had a purpose again!

Retired not fulfilled
by: Natasha

I am beginning to think we should give in to that not fulfilled feeling. I wish there was a way for you to tutor and share your lesson plans with one or two overworked teachers . But I do not think there is.

Action Plan
by: Sam

Action Plan

Hi my name is Sam and I too taught for 37 years!

Some suggestions:

Become a counselor for the elderly
Become a personal trainer at a gym
Become a long-term substitute
Travel the world

Look deep inside yourself and find what yourself is telling you!

It’s different for everyone but remain curious resourceful and positive and you will get there.

Best regards

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