Retired Three Months Ago

by NCKat

When I first retired, I went through a major cleaning phase. Even got new flooring in the living room and hallway - something I've been wanting to do for years.

I had a kidney removed due to cancer a few months before I retired and my energy level is almost non-existent. Most days I do what I must do - dishes, cooking, sometimes baking and taking care of my dog and two cats - but I do veg in front of the TV quite a lot.

I KNOW I have to wake up out of the funk and find something to do post-retirement but I'm not ready. I do nap some days because I don't sleep well - but I haven't slept well for the past 20 years. I took Ambien for a few years, but after my divorce 10 years ago, I wanted to just sleep as best as I could on my own. BUT even on days where I haven't slept well, just not having to get dressed and go to job for 8 or 9 hours is better than 20 hours of sleep for me.

Now I'm noticing that the whole house needs to be dusted AGAIN. Aaarrrggghhhh!

But this is my life and if I want to relax and de-stress for a few months, I deserve it.

I worked since I was 15 and was a single mom most of my daughter's life and we had some REALLY rough times.

I deserve the rest and so does anyone who has lived a less-than-perfect life.

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Enjoy your new freedom
by: Tammie Sarasota Fl

Do you think as "baby boomers" we just always feel that paid work means we are productive successful people?

Growing up with this golden rule to live by I think I missed out on little things that happened in my life such enjoying a day off to reconnect with a friend or have some "my time " to work on me. See here I’m doing it again, focusing on the word "work" even for fun because of how I was raised.

As a girl growing up, I couldn’t sleep in or do nothing because I would be "lazy" . My parents were wonderful and loving but they were from the depression era so their struggles did reflect on the importance of working hard .

How many of you also have had similar upbringings? I know as I transition into the next part of my life I have to focus more on life rather than hear that little voice in my head comparing success to "work" .

Rest is ok
by: Ann/retired teacher/TN

Overcoming cancer and major surgery are a shock to your body—please put taking care of yourself as your number one priority. Allow your body time to rest, heal, and recover fully.

I taught high school for 35 years and I did not realize how exhausted I was—it took me at least a year to feel rested.

Besides—we’ve earned the right to rest and enjoy a slower pace.

by: Mitz

I read that sitting too long is as bad as smoking! So when I watch tv, I get up on almost every commercial, and tidy up something. With commercial breaks getting longer all the time it's amazing what I can get done.

Winter is a bit hard, in the summer I have raised planter boxes to grow veg in, which I really enjoy.

Retired three months ago
by: Marcia, East Stroudsburg, PA

You only retired three months ago. Tell yourself that you DESERVE to rest and relax as long as you want and when you are ready you will take the next step.

First and foremost is giving your body the chance to really heal from your surgery and allow the energy to rebuild. There is no time limit on how long you should take. Your body will let you know when it is ready to do more.

Start small. If the house needs dusting, decide on which room you will tackle today and just do that one room. If you are up to it, do another the next day--if not, then the day after that.

The days are getting longer and the weather will be getting better. When the weather is good you can go for a short walk or if you drive you can go somewhere for as long as you feel able to.

Just take it one day at a time and look at the glass as being half full--not half empty. Remember, this is your time and just enjoy it!

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