Retired to Miami, Florida

by Dot M.

I used to live in Elizabeth, New Jersey before I retired. I live in New Jersey for over 30 years in the same house and really never thought of moving until I retired.

When I finally did retire, I moved to Miami, Florida and bought a smaller house next to my daughter's and grandchildren's house.

I decided to move to Florida for numerous reasons like most of my family being there, the warmer weather that is better for my arthritis and at the time less people.

I did vacation to Miami numerous times over the years to visit my daughter and grand children plus I liked the beaches. My family had been living in Miami for twenty years before I moved there but my friends still lived in New Jersey and New York so when I moved I kind of lost connections. Yet my cousin and his family live in Miami so I happened to end up becoming friends with his friend and in the end did not have time to lonely or anything like that.

At the time I retired Miami was a good move because the air was healthier as was the warmth. Now I think it is not a good idea because many people of less than honorable nature have moved in to the area and the prices on everything have become almost unaffordable forcing me to look for a part time job even in retirement just to get by.

Retirees used to look forward to Florida as a pace to retire but now I have to say Miami is not a good idea although somewhere upstate is still a good idea because it seems the young people are located only in Miami and Orlando so something like homestead is still a good idea if you can afford to move during these difficult times.

There used to be a lot more retirees but in the last 10 years they have severely decreased.

There are however a lot of good restaurants, shops, shows and place to visit but they are now usually fill with unsavory characters so I would have to say local places in low populated areas are best.

Overall I suggest if you are looking to move to Florida, please visit the area and look at the people who live there, and not just the tourists, because a nice place with bad people can become the largest mistake in your life.

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