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I was looking for a place that gave me a lot more for my retirement dollars when I discovered what it is like to live in the Philippines. I certainly was apprehensive after viewing news from this place, but that quickly dissolved when I talked to Filipinos where I worked and expats living here about the truth of the matter.

You have to learn how to get along here in the Philippines safely and without getting ripped off. Where you live has a lot to do with all facets of life here. Once you adopt certain ideas and become aware of the pitfalls this place can stick in your path life here is much better than back in the US.

I was also a lonely man with no significant other until I came here. Here a woman's outlook on marriage and life is much different for the most part. You will find older guys like me married to woman half our age. Many Americans frown at that idea thinking how an old horn dog would always want a young lady, but the reality is that marrying older men is the way of life in Asia.

A man with some measure of success that provides a better life for a woman and her children is desired over a good looking young Filipino who has little income and who fits the norm of mistreating his wife.

The environment is always warm and can be wet much of the year. You need no heat and can do without air conditioning as long as you have power to turn a fan. Here sweating is unavoidable without air conditioning, but that same sweat being dried by a fan breeze is very cool and costs a lot less.

After you get used to where to go, when to go, how to find everything and learn a few words or tricks to get yourself understood, the Philippines will be a laid back lifestyle to enjoy. Lots of places to go and Filipinos are a lot of fun and very enjoyable people for the most part.

I invite any retirement age man to consider the Philippines. The world is a much smaller place thanks to airline cargo and traveler movements.

I think you will enjoy it and I invite you to ask the members of Yahoo Group Retireinphilippines why.

There you can find out most anything you want to know about moving in, setting up and enjoying retirement in the Philippines.

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Retired: Have Skill, Will Live Anywhere ....
by: Retd.Prof.(Mr.)Durgesh Kumar Srivastava JiBhaiya@gmailcom New Delhi, India

Followers of the Hindu religion seek salvation. It is called MOKSHA in Hindi and Sanskrit languages. It assures liberation to the soul from the eternal cycle of births and deaths.

If a person dies in Varanasi, he is sure to attain Moksha as per Hindu beliefs. If a person dies anywhere but his mortal remains in the form of ashes are immersed in the holy river Ganga he has a good chance to attain Moksha.

There was a Hindu temple adjoining my home in Allahabad in north central India on the banks of the holy river Ganga. One day a frail old man arrived in the temple and presented a small bundle of cloth to the priest who headed the temple. There were Rupees 1,100 in it. He requested the priest to let him live in the temple premises and to cremate him after his death and immerse his ashes in the holy river.

So, he began the last stage of his life in a Kothri (a small room) in the temple. The priest would give him some food everyday. My mother would send me with some food in the evening for the old man, who was waiting for his death. But death did not come, He slowly got better.

I was a young boy of about 10 then. I loved talking to the old man who used to narrate his varied life experiences to me. His family had turned him out of the house when he became old and frail and incapable of carrying on his business of making perfumes. Yes, he made perfumes and sold these.

He asked me to bring some flowers. There was never a shortage of flowers in the temple. He began making perfumes from the roses, marigolds, Bela, Chameli and other flowers. The quantity used to be tiny - just enough to put on a FAHA (a cotton bud) which he offered to the temple. People began to like him. His perfumes were welcome.

One day, the old man did not come out of his Kothri. The door was broken open. He lay dead on his bed, clean and smelling of freshly made rose perfume. People from the entire locality got together and gave him a befitting funeral on the banks of the holy river Ganga. He had attained Moksha. I felt both sad and happy.

Retd.Prof.(Mr.)Durgesh Kumar Srivastava New Delhi, India, 10 Dec. 2010

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