Retired Too Early

by Tuxedo Cat

I taught children with multiple disabilities in an urban school district. I loved my job.

Since I was a child, I had spells where I just blanked out, everything seemed chaos, but everyone thought I was just not paying attention.

As the years rolled by I had an occasional seizure, grand mal, but it was diagnosed by doctors as stress. Finally, at work, I had two grand mal seizures, one where I fell down a flight of stairs, one where I cracked my head on a door jamb. I found a neurologist who placed me in an epilepsy diagnostic unit for five days, during which I had constant EEG monitoring, ending with my epilepsy being diagnosed, and got appropriate medications.

Well, I guess my employer considered me a liability, because, like a few teachers before me, I had an illness that made them think it was not advisable to have me around, I guess. Things got to the point I took retirement, and I have not been happy since. It has been seven years now, and I know I could have worked at least 5 more years.

Well, this is my retirement story, although I guess I have written mainly about my illness. With epilepsy diagnosed, I cannot drive now.

I love to read, do writing, love animals, am trying beading and needlework, travel, love babies and children. I try to make something out of my retirement.

Just sharing my story.

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Comments for Tuxedo Cat
by: Nancy

It made me angry to read that your employer gave you a hard time after you were diagnosed. And also angry that it took doctors a long time to diagnose you and people who thought you weren't paying attention!

I am hard of hearing. One of my friends shared recently with me that she was hard of hearing also, and our home ec. teacher accused her of not paying attention when in fact, she couldn't hear.

Haven't your employers heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act?

I've been retired 6 years. It was my choice to retire then, and I sorely regretted retiring when I did, so I got to blame myself for my decision which wasn't healthy, I am past that now, but boy did I have a terrible time adjusting. Just know you are not alone.

I also love animals. I just adopted a Beagle mix a week before we had to release our other dog from suffering.
Take care.

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