Retired voluntarily at 58

by Doug
(Birmingham, AL)

I decided to retire when I was 58 and one-half years old with almost 35 years of service. All the numbers looked good.

I chose the time because my pension was at a higher rate, and a younger person was promoted around me without my knowledge of the higher opportunity disclosed to me. It was then that the realization set in that older managers were not valued. I had given them my whole career, on-call times, night call outs, holidays, off days constantly lost, and this was it?

I retired and even though I was relieved, I now had no goals or anything to work toward. It was something I had always dreamed of but I spent so much time at the beckoning call of my work that there was no personal things that I had developed as a sideline interest.

My pension is nice but I am limited on additional income so it is hard to find something else when you ask them to limit you to such a low income. They really don't want to deal with that and I totally understand.

Be careful in wishing so hard that when you arrive you don't ask yourself, "Now what?"

Remain active and learn new hobbies. I am enjoying working on my cars and home now that I have time to "fix" things without my phone ringing. You have to adjust and know that others are going through it also.

I am now trying pickleball.

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Now Your Time is YOURS!
by: Michael - Upstate NY for the summer!

Doug - I am confused on your comment regarding limited income and others dealing with it.

Do you mean finding friends/activities to do on a limited income or finding a part-time job and asking that employer to limit your hours?

There are always organizations that need volunteers if that is your inkling.

If you like to work on cars and fix things, maybe a part-time job with a local auto mechanic or starting your own handyman service might suit you. If there is a local Vo-Tech school, they might be able to offer some suggestions for you.

Pickleball is a great sport and all the rage right now. You definitely won't have any problems finding friends and groups to play with in that sport!

And, if you do decide to look for a part-time job, there are many employers that value older workers for their skills and dependability.

I'm thinking Home Depot or Lowes might interest you.

I retired at 51 with 28 years of service to my employer. That was 7 years ago. The best part of retirement is that the time is yours and you get to decide how to spend it.

You are doing GOOD.
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach


Even if you had retirement all planned out, you'd still move slowly... its a transition in life and simply takes time.

Please don't dwell on how you left. So many feel pushed out the door (and they are too) but don't let that simmer and ruin your retirement emotions.

Sounds like you are moving forward nicely -- cars and pickleball! Fantastic -- keeping your mind and body active for aging.

Best Wishes!

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