Retired, Want to work, but feel it would be difficult to find a job?

by Larry Steward

I have a feeling there are people in this forum who would like to earn extra money in retirement but are discouraged from even looking for a job. I agree there are many reasons for discouragement, age discrimination being the big one. However, there are many methods and techniques that are much more effective and less stressful than answering ads and sending resumes.

I have a background in career management although I left that field to start my own business in property management some years ago. I am still engaged in property management work now in South Carolina during my retirement years but I joined this group and accepted Wendy’s invitation to serve as a contributing writer because I am also in the process of creating an online coaching service to specifically help people in retirement who plan to continue working. I love what Wendy has developed with this forum and especially appreciate her creative thinking. I hope I can extend her effort to help people who may be experiencing problems of finding a way to make money hopefully doing something they would love to do.

Once information is shared, I encourage anyone reading their posts along with me, to participate in adding your suggestions. I have lead workshops drawing on the techniques of group brainstorming and effective networking where helpful contacts are offered, creative suggestions come forward, and out-of-the-box ideas magically appear to move people towards the target are aiming for. I’m confident this can work like magic here too if we can keep it on track with more and more participation. I’m willing to give it a try if others are. What do you say?

I invite anyone who wants to experience the magic of group participation to step up and tell us what it is you are aiming for and what issues can we help you brainstorm?

I’m looking forward to some active participation.

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Retired, Want to work, but feel it would be difficult to find a job?
by: Bernard Kelly, Australia

Hello Larry

you and I are on the same page with helping retirees and baby boomers generate additional income.

Let's work together ...

My basic premise is that no-one has enough for 20-25 years of comfortable retirement, and as jobs for seniors don't exist (one reason is that the boss can't afford the insurance premiums for employees aged 70+) the obvious alternative is some form of self employment.

I write articles for my online magazine about (1) your health (2) family & friends (3) extra income - retirement startups, profitable hobbies, reverse mortgages etc (4) best place to retire (5) your zest for living.

Then I have a Facebook community "Retirement Startups Group" where members interact. This community is for retirees who need extra income and have decided to start a business.

How do you suggest that we move your proposal forward for ?


Bernard Kelly, Geelong, Australia

Yes - please participate
by: Larry/ South Carolina

Hello Irwin,

Absolutely you would benefit in this group. The purpose is to share your goals with the group, discuss the challenges you are facing and then benefit from the suggestions and support that can develop from like-minded people in this community.

It doesn't matter that income is not a stated goal. My belief is, do something you love to do and money will follow. I feel the same way. I am working full time still at 73 and make good money. However, I am determined to pay back at this point in my life and return to coaching again. I don't need to coach to make money but eventually, once I have my practice set up it will be fee-based.

My motivation to earn a profit in coaching is driven by the principal that I want to add valve to what I'm offering to others and be in a position to invest where necessary to provide a good service.

I like where you are coming from and have a good feeling you would appreciate feedback from others and be a good contributor yourself.

I need to coordinate with Wendy it terms of how to position this involvement in this great community she is developing and make sure she guides us along.

For now, I would like to add your name as a potential participate and get back to you as soon as I have more information.

Thanks so much for your interest.

Active Participation
by: Irwin/ Lakeland


Being retired, I just want to stay busy and things I enjoy are researching and writing articles, preferably humorous and/or informational for individuals either ready to retire or, like me, already retired.

Were I to earn a few bucks in the process, so be it, but that is not necessarily a requirement.

Any chance participating in this forum might lead me in the direction I am seeking?

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