Retired: Went to docs

by Rox

When I lost my job in 2009 (I had just turned 58) I went into a terrific stupor. I was let go for good reason, I just wasn't guilty.

At the time jobs were hard to find for the lazy, so, believe it or not, I was framed, written up and let go.

Anyhow, I guess I should take time now to explain my position. I have not been awarded alot of education for the fact that I have wandered all of my life (alone and dreaming). So I have worked menial jobs my whole life. AND LOVED THEM ALL. I was so close to the basics I didn't mind anything else.

Anyway, I couldn't find or get ahold of another job for almost a year, lost EVERYTHING, ended up in a homeless shelter and looked high and low plus tried the different programs etc. I was not able to get into anything.

I finally broke down and went to mental health and have been there ever since. I have my problems, but only ones brought on by myself and I now have people to help me understand what I have missed all these years.

They are the greatest. And so are all of you out there. Keep your hopes, dreams and attitudes to yourself and share only a smile, but NEVER get down alone.

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by: Rox/BHC

Believe it or not I have been there, going for the big I can see again. Cause I keep thinking about how I used to see things and I do again, sometimes, though not for long yet.

PTSS (syndrome) is NOT for any living thing. So I see a therapist. :) I am glad people are reaching out to others more than they did when I was young. Though there were people there too.

Good for You!
by: Lydia/WI

I am so glad you are getting the help you need (and deserve!) You will no doubt get to a point where you wonder what took you so long. Good on you for seeking help.

thanks for the insight
by: Anonymous

I really liked your journey. I always kept my mouth shut on the job. Now that I am not working, I feel like shouting my beliefs from the mountaintop.

by: Sharla

Good for you Rox!

Your Story
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, Ma

Dear Rocs:

Thanks so much for sharing your story. You are quite a young retiree. You have a long life ahead if you choose it. Glad you are getting help. Have you ever thought of writing your story down.
It might help others.

Keep us updated from time to time if you can.

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