RetIred: When will I be really loved??

by Brenda
(London england)

I have played the field very good when I was with my man for 26 years, I never cheated on him, loved him so much I was so ill just scared anything would ever happen to him. We laughed lots, and went on holidays he was always happy and funny to be with, he asked me to marry him so many times, and I thought all this happiness would end, so i did not marry.

He did find someone else, she got a passport just what he wanted. My heard was broken, I got very ill and nearly died.

Now I am scared to let anyone know if I care for them. so what has happened???

I am now a lot better and hoping to find a kind nice man for a friend or a serious relationship.

Thank you all or reading this. Bye Brendaxx

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oh how much better I feel now.
by: Brenda

I would love to be able to get in touch with the lovely people who wrote Roger and Patrick also. What I really would like some one to be my best friend and who lives in London, and lets do car boot sales together and go for walks and even go on holidays.

Can't show my feelings just yet, but one day hopefully I will come alive again.

Love and God bless to every one and thank you for being so kind, especially Wendy who started the ball rolling.

Love Brenda.

I have tried putting my e,mails on here but always being rejected, so worried I won't hear from you lovely people again. Brenda.

Wendy: Brenda -- it's me deleting your email addess and now your phone. There are too many scammers out there and that's all you need is to get nasty phone calls.

You might join the community (two faces on the right) -- and connect, safely, there! Approx 960 retirees there right now!

thanks again.
by: brenda

Love to hear from you all, and thank you for being so kind. Roger I did e,mail you, and hope I got it right. thank you, if any one would like to e,mail me, that would be nice, if not, Thank you again. love Brenda Good luck to all. Byex

Thank you all
by: Brenda

Thank you all so much for your kindness It makes me better to hear from you. I would love a companion to go on holidays with, as i have not been away for a long time. Roger Thank is that your e,mail if so I will get in touch. Thanks a million, lovely people. Brenda.xxxxxxxxxxx

by: SUZY

My dear Brenda,
It was not meant to be. Destiny also plays a great part. I am sure you will find some one. Having this experince, you will surely understand the true value of a person. my best wishes

Lady called Brenda
by: Joe Patrick

Hi Brenda sorry to hear you had a few set backs in your life, I know it is not easy some times life throws us some curve balls but you will over come. You seem to be a nice Lady & I am sure their is a nice man out their for you.

God Bless YOu

I know tthe feeling

There's a song You don't miss your water til your well it runs dry. Just don't stop believing. There's someone out there just for you! I'll be a friend if you need someone to talk to. Roger

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