Retired: Who am I?

by Rick

I have been retired now for almost 2 years now. I worked in the construction business with my dad for over 40 years. We had many ups and downs over the years but we saw them through together.

After dad retired I continued to build the business. My brother joined me and later my son. They now run the business together. I knew it was time to step down, because the stress I carried 24/7 was beginning to take it's toll on me. So, I retired at age 65.

The first year I suffered with some depression and struggled to figure out who am i now? You see I identified with my job as contractor and boss.

Now in my second year of retirement, I have been getting to know me a little better and know now that my job and what I did was not who I am.

I have been volunteering, restoring an old wooden boat and working on my farm. This transition has not been easy for me, but each day I find a little more peace.

I was so busy when I was working with phone calls, scheduling, estimating, solving problems, and interacting with so many people that being quiet is difficult.

I miss being around people and my wife tells people even the UPS driver gets a story from me when I catch him! I have recently purchased a pioneer cemetery here near my farm. It is in sad shape and I am going to restore it.

Been wanting to write my story for sometime now. I have read many posts from this site and we seem to all share a common thread of rediscovery.
I wish you all the best!


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Good Luck
by: John/Illinois


Congrats on your retirement. It will be two years in February for me and I'm loving every minute.

I too had a high pressure job that required a lot of travel. Didn't enjoy that travel but I sure do love the traveling my wife and I do now. It's all on my terms and to places I want to go.

I did not miss my job like you did and was just happy after 40+ years I was health enough to retire on my terms and very grateful the Lord blessed us to do this.

Hang in there because I'm sure your anxiety will pass with everyday. Good luck.

by: Roadrunner 13

Rick, I understand completely on losing your identity. I too was so wrapped up in my job and trying to perform at a 100% level continuously, I never realized I had an 'identity' till I lost my job.

All of a sudden, I no longer had any job responsibilities or people depending on me. It was hard to deal with. I am still dealing with it going on 7 years now. Maybe I will never get over it but there is no going back so gotta go forward.

Good you are finding hobbies. Interesting on the cemetery! My family just sold my Grandpa's farm and on a landlocked section there was an old family cemetery on it. I had never known about it till we put it up for auction! It had to be really OLD!

My Grandpa lived to 110 years old! The property was landlocked so the new owner is still required to allow folks to come to the cemetery. However, since there is no road I have no idea how you would get to it!

by: Bill Hartford, Durango Coloradp

You bought a cemetery? Guess money’s not a problem, so I don’t see how you can be anything but joyous about being retired. So enjoy it and don’t worry so much about being "productive." I don’t.

Our Identity
by: Doris

I think your story is great - you clearly express your feelings and you seem to be a problem solver.

I had a chaotic career in NYC and now sit in isolation in SC (ugh). Bought a small RV and plan to travel and see where I would like to move to - my soul is not here.

I think your idea to work on a cemetery is awesome. When I used to take the train into NYC there was an old cemetery in Jamaica that was being renovated and it is quite a task.

Good luck to you - sounds like you will be fine.

You are Rick
by: Sandy

Hi, Rick. Thank you for your post - I love the picture, too and the beautiful background.

Once we get through the pain of being a retiree, it is a joy to rediscover ourselves. Yes, you were so many things which had to do with work, but now, you are Rick and you get to discover more of yourself every day.

Sometimes, I still yearn for the chaos of being needed at work and living in constant disruption, but then I come to my senses and realize that life is short. This time is for me.

I am glad your journey has taken you to a place where you can begin to enjoy all that you have to offer the world, even if it doesn't have to do with producing something.

Happy holidays!

Pioneer Cemetary?
by: Wendy

You bought a cemetary? I guess someone has to own each one.. never thought about it before!

Kudos to you! Sounds like you have varied interests and keeping the farm going, as well as a wood boat and now pioneer cemetary sounds interesting to me.

Just wanted to say "good job!"

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