Retired with money problems.

by Manny
(South America)

I am a pensioner since February 2002, as my job was sedentary in air-conditioned office, with a climate of 37 degrees, but very stressed, work was under pressure.

You can imagine the happiness, when I was with requirements for retirement, initially dedicated to expect a settlement, to make projects of all kinds.

I thought of organizing a business, and actually went out to find a partner or partners, but reality people take advantage of the naivety and ignorance of one.

Turns out I sold cards, calendars and Christmas cards, I trusted the person and gave him the money without any control. In the end, this was a failure, brought losses.

I receive fixed allowances, for life, I decided not to conduct any more business. I took weekend walks, the same to visit relatives in other towns, but all the money was running out.

I proposed to produce, by trying to live a bohemian life a little, it was not right, and I entered the world of internet.

I bought a guide on how to make money, supposedly filling surveys, I was excited and failed again. The guide is a fraud there were no such surveys that I bought for the equivalent of $10.

With time I persevered in the subject, by searching on Google, even got some pages called PTC (pay per click) emerged more than a "scam", until I got stability with seven of them. I took something related to labor law in my country, which actually won more but long time, to clarify without being a lawyer.

On the other hand alternate this with the film on television, football games, see news three times a day, seven days a week, the above happens in a South American country.

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Finding Your Way
by: Anonymous

Retirement is sort of like getting married – a musical crescendo of sorts.

There are such high expectations at the retirement crossroads (No worries, time to do everything you ever wanted, choices, eating out, traveling, etc., etc.).

"Life" after the wedding may be nothing like the courtship or the honeymoon led either person to anticipate. “Life” happens. Sometimes a drastic change of gears is forced upon a couple as they begin to move forward together.

“Life” after the official retirement may be nothing like what was anticipated either (There are worries, there isn't enough time, choices are limited due to money constraints, friends and family may still be part of the working world, couples may have to find a new balance, etc., etc.) and again it's time to regroup. But we are resilient compared to younger people because we have experience to help us through the next obstacle course that 'life” sends our way.

Yes, there are lots of scammers on the Internet, just as in life, and one has to investigate them just as carefully as any brick and mortar business or partnership. We, too, are looking at the Internet as a way to augment our pensions. We are moving cautiously.

I hope that you have found your retirement rhythm now and that you are having continued success with your Internet options; satisfaction with your labor law pursuits. You sound like a survivor – you will persevere until you find the happiness and contentment you are looking for.

My husband and I were going to retire to a South American country - Ecuador (Please see the write-up under Locations to Retire on this website.); however, bureaucracy at this time snarled our plans, which was very disappointing.

(Dear Reader, if you are thinking of doing this, don't be put off by our experience. We were caught in the maelstrom of change and things have settled down now.) We regrouped with Plan B. We are now living in Mexico - Queretaro, to be exact and loving it.

We are still finding our rhythm as we work on establishing ourselves; organizing our financial picture; applying for a bank account, immigration visas, health care insurance, phone service, & utilities; learning Spanish; setting up a household, etc., in addition to making friends, exploring the city, the state and other parts of Mexico. We have been here nearly four months. Our pensions are small,. We cannot afford to retire in Canada (besides reaching our quota of bad weather), but our biggest challenge is not having enough time to do everything we want to.

May that continue to be our only concern and yours. -- Barb

Wendy: Barb -- FYI, I used the bottom half of this post and put it under your orig article as a comment so that others can see your update. I love your comment about "not enough time"... fantastic problem to have! Enjoy!

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