Retired....what is that?

by Eileen
(vancouver, bc)

I pretty much was directed into widowhood and retirement at the same time.

I tried to keep our business afloat but being a construction business I was walking on a fine line. I sold the business and paid off the debts.

Then it was the reality of living on my own, isolation to a degree as the winters are fierce where I lived. Making a decision to have all those happenings I have heard of happen to me.

Garage sales, downsizing, moving, renting, making financial decisions, some smart some stupid :)

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Life after retirement.
by: Liz in Georgia

I'm sure losing a spouse and trying to sustain a business and having to retire was overwhelming at the time. Just losing a spouse after many years of marriage is tramatic enough. I went through that just two or three years before retirement and having never lived alone hardly a day in my life it was very frightening.

I found that taking one day at a time and praying a lot plus trying to do new things and make new friends in time does change things. Life still has much to offer but sometimes when we're left alone we have to look a little harder.

Good luck to you.

Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I think making the step to write on this retirement page is a big step!

I have recently moved into a basement suite with my daughter and family. We totally renovated it to be similiar to what I was used to in a home and acerage. We share a beautiful back yard and I get to see my grandchildren laugh, play and grow.

I also bought a new puppy. She has already brought great joy and laughter into my life.

If a person survives the loss of a cherished spouse, I think one can recreate a different but interesting life that brings a element of satisfaction that can sustain the days that are "blue".

I am blessed. and I thank you for the responses. It is on a day to day basis of discovery.

Please feel free to let me know how one creates retirement (positive) and widowhood. (like what is that !) lol

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA


Take care of your health
Invest in 1 or 2 loyal friends
Eat well
Get a puppy
Walk every day in all kinds of weather
U will be just fine


U R going to have an awesome

Isolation in Paradise
by: Joe W.

There are a lot of Canadians and maybe some Americans and many others around the World that would do anything to be in Vancouver, BC Canada and starting their retirement life.

So, after selling your Family business do you think that you might get involved in another small business that is more suitable for you as compared to the one you sold in the Construction Industry.
How about a new umbrella for the people in the liquid sunshine capital of Canada?

Joe W.

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