Retiree Asks: Do You Remember?

by Judy Jordan

 Remember - hopscotch, tag, baseball (never had any girls to play so we played with the boys in the alley), roller skates with keys, scooters, marbles, bubble gum with baseball cards, comics (who knew to keep them)?

Metal doll houses, paper dolls - (does anyone play with them anymore)?

Jukeboxes on tables in restaurants-loved them! The songs from the 50's and 60's. Was sent to buy a loaf of bread and drove all the way downtown first!!

Brownies and girl scouts-my mom was a leader for both. Going to camp for a week-learning how to make s'mores, stew in a can. Those hard cots and those rough brown "army" blankets.

Playing outside till dark knowing you were safe. I rode my bike all over - safe then. Sparklers before they said they were not safe either!
Pie dough, cookie dough-all good - once!! wax lips, 5 cent heath bars, cokes in bottles. Trick or Treating to people we didn't know and did not have to worry about?! Scavenger hunts- (does anyone do those anymore)? Halloween parties in the neighborhood-I always went as a gypsy.

Diaries-should have kept mine for posterity!!
Picked cherries in the summer-50 cents a lug-to earn money and babysat. Think we grew up and appreciated things more as we had to work for most of what we got or wanted. Saturday shows at the small theater (had 2 big ones also) westerns and usually sequels from the week before, always a treat. Good and plenty candy and popcorn.
All these I remember - Do you?

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Remeber all of these
by: Anonymous

Oh yes I remember those days, also remember it cost 25cents to get into the movie theaters in my town. i can remember listening to the radio and all the good things that was on there like the Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger, and all the Western stars!

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