Retirees: Caretaker Opportunities for a new lifestyle!

by Wendy,

Hey Retiree! Do you know that many larger homes, ranches, parks, farms etc. hire caretakers for their property? They do!

Do you know that many actually advertise for retired people? retired couples? Yeppers... they do!

Now I know many retirees don't want to move for various reasons, but if you are not one of those people, consider changing your lifestyle for a few years and find the Adventure of a Lifetime!

These caretaker positions come in many forms, like house sitters, ranch hands, security, handyman, personal assistant... and oodles more. You might choose to look only at caretaker positions in your current state, or try living in a new state, or heck -- even internationally.

You obviously need to be physically fit for most caretaker roles, but there are quite a variety that pop up every month and all year long!

This might be a great idea for low-income retirees too. You get free living arrangements in exchange for your services.

The Caretaker Gazette
has been published for 35 years. Get a one year subscription and start reading each email they send, or wait for the paper issue, for opportunities that interest you. If you accept a caretaker role, let us know here. We'd love to hear your story!

Here is the December 2015 issue... the most recent issue at the time of this post. There are years of sample issues out there, so that you can verify for yourself that this is no hit and run newsletter... they are here to stay.

p.s. Somewhere on this site a couple left their story as they moved into caretaker positions... it was the perfect retirement situation for them and I hope someone out there finds a new adventure in life too!

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Retirement jobs
by: Nancy

Here is another idea. When my husband and I were on vacation in Branson, Missouri a long time ago before we retired, we were sitting in a music show and struck up a conversation with a couple who worked at the show.

They were retirees who moved to Branson. They said there were lots of jobs for retirees, they got hired and worked the same day they interviewed for the jobs. I think the woman was a personnel manager, or something like that, and I'm not sure what he did. They were talking about how easy it was to get a job there. There must be all kinds of jobs in the shows,like reservation, ticket takers, concessions. Just an idea.

If my husband and I wanted to relocate, that might be an idea.

by: Anonymous

Be careful of Personal Assistant jobs. There was a scam going around before where they wanted you to work for them and they were leaving the country and wanted you to buy supplies. You know the rest. The check is deposited and it is fake and they take your money from your account. Beware of this one.

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