Retirees Living in Assisted Living

by Lon in Fresno

Well here I am, an 84 year old single, still retired male living in a first class Assisted Living Facility.

So what do I do on a daily basis to stay busy and entertained?

Well in addition to being severely hearing impaired & with two different Auto Immune Diseases, much of my day involves coming up with creative ways to maintain my independence and still get things done. I take Uber to my Dr. appointments and use Amazon Prime on a regular basis for things that I want or need. I am an avid reader and history buff and a movie freak.

The three gourmet meals here where I live are truly outstanding and I always look forward to mealtime.

Having some degree of computer skills I Phone etc. has made getting older & infirm much easier.

Oh Yes---I manage to exercise regularly using my walker.

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Assisted Living Retirees
by: Chandler, AZ

It sounds like you have found ways to live your best life !

Aren't we lucky that we can still be relatively independent even at advancing age?

I too shop online, use my computer to stay engaged with the outside world. I also read, research topics I am interested in and find ways to accomplish tasks that are more challenging now.

Congratulations to you and thank you for the uplifting post today.

Assisted living
by: Barb in Florida

Just wondering...doesn't the facility have activities for the residents? When my grandma was in a similiar care facility, she was involved with every activity they offered.

Here's an idea: how about using your computer skills to compose a newsletter for the residents? You could interview one resident at a time and put it into the newsletter. You could even include the staff.

The secret is being creative, and informative. You could have some humorous jokes/articles included.

by: Donna, Augusta, Mo

Thanks so much for the inspiration. It helps to hear about your stamina and willingness to keep active and involved. You made my day.

Go God's Way
by: Retd. Prof. Durgeshkumar SRivastava, New Delhi, IndiaYour Name/Location

Dear Mr. Lon in Fresno,

Your life seems to be too involved in material things and enjoyment of luxury.

Please spend some time reading books and scriptures of your religious faith, listening to devotional music and meditation.

Best Wishes.

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