Retirees: Never stop learning

by Wendy,

Free University Classes... Anyone Interested?

Just found a new resource for FREE education:

Coursera helps you register for free online classes from the best universities in the world FREE of charge.

I passed this along to an online friend and she wrote:

"Thanks for this, Wendy. I just signed up for a Songwriting course in March with the author of my favorite songwriting book, who is a professor at Berklee College of Music, Pat Pattison. I am excited!

I also put the word out to a few of my music friends and at least one is going to take the course with me. We plan to meet locally once a week to share ideas and listen to each others' work. I wouldn't have known about it this course without your link, so thanks so much for posting it! His other courses, go for $1200 and up, so FREE is a great deal."

Now that she is excited, I thought maybe you are also interested... maybe you'll want to challenge yourself! Keep that retired brain active!!

These are University classes, so if you want to keep your mind active, take an e-class online, this is a great opportunity to learn something new, expand your life, and generally keep busy!

Interested? Go to to view free online classes!

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