Retirees: What changes after you retire?

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast

When you retired, what surprised you?

These are things you possibly might not have considered. You go through a retirement transition, after you retire, and much of life changes... most of which we never considered before we retired.

We worry about finances -- but often don't consider the rest of what retirement brings!

  • Do you spend MORE on groceries (home all day, no more restaurant lunches) or LESS on groceries (eating in is cheaper than out)?

  • Do you save money on gas OR use more gas as you don't want to stay home all day?

  • Do you work part-time, surprise surprise! OR did you actually plan to work less hours but continue to work in your retirement years?

  • Are you bored to death -- or happily pursuing new interests in life?

  • Which of your monthly bills have increased the most over your retired years or bother you the most?

  • How have you cut costs of your monthly expenses?

  • Did you upsize, downsize, or move to a new location after you retired? How did that work out?

  • Do you volunteer? Did you ever think you'd play the volunteer role? How does volunteering add to your life?

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    It's not the end - it's a new beginning
    by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida and the Catskills in NY!!

    My spouse and I moved from high-tax New Jersey to low property tax and no income tax Florida. The move went well.

    I stopped working at 51, and now sell real estate. In addition to daily 35 mile bike rides, I knew I needed something to do that would get me out of the house and keep the mind going.

    In addition to real estate, I also volunteer on the Board of Directors of my homeowners' association. It has helped me to meet my neighbors, and determine the direction of our community.

    I have gotten used to the freedom of retirement, and not having to adhere to a schedule. Regardless of how late I stay up at night, I always make sure I get 8 hours of sleep. No need for an alarm clock. I usually sleep until 8AM each day.

    Financially, I prepared myself for retirement. I often dreamed that I would move around in retirement, trying out different jobs in different places. But, since I married just prior to retirement, that is no longer an option. I had also planned to travel, and would keep notes about places that I might visit.

    But, now that I am retired, I find that many of my dreams have changed. I have to remind myself that this is a new phase of my life, and that I can still dream and set goals.

    My current goal is to live until 109, so I have lots of time!!

    I don't have a strict budget, and still maintain the same standard of living as before retirement. My spouse and I were discussing the other day how we feel that everything seems more expensive than it used to be.
    We still buy things on sale and don't pay retail. That's just the way we've always been - and how I managed to save and take early retirement.

    I also thought my spouse and I would do more things together, and our interest in different hobbies has really stood out in this new phase that we are spending together.

    My Mom always told me that it's not good to spend too much time in the house. In order to accomplish that, I make sure I get out on my bike each day. The exercise is good for me, it reduces stress, and the uninterrupted time alone gives me a chance to think, plan and dream. Retirement doesn't have to mean the end.

    Often times, it signals new beginnings. Thank you for allowing me to share.

    Thoughts on Retirement
    by: Karen

    My husband and I have been retired for about 7 years.

    We moved to a smaller, maintenance free home, but at a greater cost. I work part time for something to do and just get out of the house. My husband has no interest in working, volunteering or taking up a hobby. It’s kind of disappointing.

    This is not what retirement was supposed to be like. Would like to head somewhere warmer during the winter months, but my husband has this thought that we can’t afford it or that we "might" need the money down the road for medical reasons.

    Our financial person says that we are in great shape and don’t need our retirement savings to live on. We have always been savers somewhat and I know it’s hard to transition to spending mode.

    Does anyone else feel this way? I feel as though I’m just biding my time. If we don’t do things now, then when?

    Retirement Surprise
    by: Sherry/ NC

    Being alone a lot more after retiring has made me lonely. I feel lonely a lot I think because I am not close to someone. I try to stay busy at home and this helps.

    I volunteer and this makes me feel like I have purpose and I have someone to talk to at my volunteer jobs. I also get out to go to exercise classes during the week. I take these classes so that I can keep on moving. I have friends in those classes, but only visit with them mostly
    at the classes.

    Sometimes I would like to have someone I can ask advice, but there is no one really. I just wish I had someone to be close to. I understand why marriage is good in that regard with having someone to be close to and statistics say you will live longer being married.

    I think my purpose is to do my best everyday with my life and be grateful.

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