Retirees, what do you do with your time?

by Cynthia Smith
(Cedar Creek, TX)

I retired after 30 years with the State of Texas in July 2013. I had filed a sexual harassment grievance against my boss 4 years earlier and an investigation substantiated that he had sexually harassed me, HOWEVER, he was not terminated and allowed to remain in his position.

To state that this made my work life difficult is an understatement. I stuck it out until I turned 62 so I could collect Social Security along with my pension.

Although I have found peace and a stress free lifestyle, I have not found my happy place in retirement. I realize that I need to find fulfilling activities to fill my time.

I have 4 grown children and 11 grandchildren who live near me. I do spend time with them, however, am looking for other fulfilling activities. My husband who is retiring this December has lots of hobbies and activities to occupy his time. Unfortunately, I was so involved in my career, that I didn't explore hobbies.

I would love to hear what other retirees are doing with their time!

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What I do in Retirement?
by: Deb Tillis

We enjoy our time together for the first time in our lives, we can come and go when we please; sleep late or get up early.

I have become a business owner since retiring, and since I work for myself, I schedule my work around our travel, any appointments that are not business related, or the normal chores of owning a home.

I am currently also writing a book. Will be dabbling in several projects around our home when the weather cools, including artistic painting.

Just enjoying life.........and enjoy working for myself, and in my business, we make people happy! Life is such a joy now! Lovin' life!

This is what I did
by: Nancy

I had many plans for retriement: clean a bookcase, play the piano, quilt, become active in Al-Anon. I did all those, but the only one that stuck was quilting. I still also play the piano, but kind of have to make myself.

My quilting hobby has morphed into a vintage sewing machine collecting hobby. I'm trying to curb this, however, because of the obvious money situation in retirement, but I'm having lots of fun sewing on machines that I have thus acquired. And I am enjoying communicating with people who have like interests on Facebook. I am also learning about vintage sewing machines online. Sewing is what has saved me in retirement.

I wasn't one of those people who instantly loved retirement. I had to find my way. Hope you will too.

Start a Home Business
by: Wendy


I don't know what your job was with Texas, but wondering if it might translate into a small home business in some manner?

I can't help but think that MANY Boomers need Home Businesses to help us feel fulfilled. We can work them as much as we like to (or not), we can find new friends online in business circles, find a whole new life with a home business.

Here is my new website... you might find a few ideas here. It's really new (one month old) so do go back in a few more weeks too!

Just Business Ideas for Boomers!

Best Wishes!

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