Retirement: 2011 not a good year.

by Viper

Lost job, best friend died, got cancer had to retire...

2011 has been a forgetful year. In February 2011 I was taking my best friend (57 years old) for his blood transfusion (leukemia)and he died on the way to the hospital. He was so ill and could not be revived.

Two weeks later I had a prostetecomy for cancer. 30 days later a nationwide government restructure and I lost my position and was forced to retire at 50% of my normal income.

At 57 years old, I feel totally and completely useless. I have bladder problems and a major case of ED from the surgery.

I really feel like crap (mentally) and don't know what to do with myself.

Wendy: Please see your doctor -- it's difficult enough to retire, let alone be forced to do so, then have death and illness in the mix.
Get professional help... just meds to get you through this year, to see and feel the sunshine again!

Many prayers sent your way!

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Tried for new employment
by: Viper

Last month, I decided to return to the work place at age 58. My health was better and I was unhappy in retirement.

I found a State position (at half my old salary) that was exactly the same job description as my prior federal employment which I have 25 years experience.

I applied, received two different interviews, studied all the online courses relating to the specific job. Thought my interviews went very well because I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

Received my "Sorry Charlie" letter the other day and the State put the job back out for applications. This is such a slap in the face.

I don't want to brag but I was an excellent employee. The State never checked any of my employment references. I'm sure it's my age. I officially give up and will try to live within my means.

Wendy: WHAT? One "sorry Charlie" letter and a person named VIPER gives up? Are you kidding me? Geesh!

Would you please write to me, privately, using the Contact Me link (left/bottom)? Thanks!

p.s. Pep talk coming... grin!

Not much better
by: Viper

Well, it has been one year since retirement. It so sad when a person works for one company for 34 years, loses position to downsizing, forced to retire, their best friend dies while taking them to the hospital, and to top things off I get a cancer diagnosis.

The good news, cancer is in full remission (thank you God).

The bad news, after one year I absolutely hate being retired and feel worthless. I did not plan financially for the loss of income. Its been one sacrifice after another. Had to sell my beautiful new car and buy an old truck.

I have my first job interview scheduled for May 17th. Maybe starting over is the answer.

Wendy: It kinda sounds to me like you are living your one year story... stuck in the negativity of your job loss and recent set backs.

Start thinking a NEW STORY -- the 34 years you worked as a productive member of society, the new life you are about to find, how you are powerful in overcoming the big *c*!

A new life is just around the corner.. I pray you get out of your own way, SMILE at the interview, think positively of semi-retired life that is to come!

Best Wishes! Thanks ever so much for the update!

p.s. If the job doesn't work out, maybe God has another intention for your life. Apply for another that fits you even better!!

Thinking of You
by: Barbara

I'm so sorry to hear about your circumstances. I hope you will find comfort here and know you are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You!

not your best year
by: Linda

I'm sorry for your rough time. I also would like to know if you are the Viper that I know -- in NE Iowa.

Life's trials
by: Nina


It sounds like you have like Job in the Bible one trial after another. After all the calamities... is there hope? I'll be praying that you'll be able to get through this very bad time.

Meanwhile hope that you will have some good things happen.

Wendy: Thanks Nina! Yes, there IS hope!

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