Retirement: A Big Kid

by Bill Hartford, Durango, Colorado

I’ve been retired now for a little over a year in a half. The best thing I can say about my job was that I didn’t mind it much, and leaving after 32 years was not all that difficult. It was never particularly rewarding outside of being a decent job.

These days I feel like a Kid again. Life has taken me back to a time before jobs and work, before schools and colleges.

I feel a freedom I haven’t had since being a child, only now I’m old enough to appreciate it.

What will I do today? Maybe something. Maybe nothing. It’ s all up to me....

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A big kid
by: Anonymous

Your comments cheer me. I feel like a kid again too. Thank you for posting this!!!!

Me Too
by: John/Illinois

It will be two years in February for me and I know exactly how you feel and Loving It!!!

Same here
by: Mike , Canberra

I also have been retired 18 months and really enjoying it.

After 43 years of office work I dont miss it.

The best thing is you can do what you want. May paint the loungeroom ceiling today , may not.

Golf tomorrow so all is good.

Nice and warm here and looking foward to holiday at the coast after christmas.

Take care

Retirement - Big Kid
by: Ken San Diego

I like your approach to retirement! I'm quite the same way now. I worked all my life, and retired Aug 11, 2016 @ 1PM (see? I even knew the date and time) I, too am like a kid, I can go anywhere, do anything, whenever and with whoever I want.

Spur of the moment trips (Hawaii in Jan coming up) and Cross Country Train trip in Jun 2018 with private bedroom/bath on train (the only way to go)then maybe my 14th trip to Thailand in between!

Relatives ask me, what are you doing today? I said well, it is only 1pm I could be in San Juan Capistrano for a late lunch (by train) ..anyways keep your 'youthful' mindset!

i love your approach
by: Anonymous

hi big kid,

I LOVe your approach. I have things I could put into a routine, but I love your "I'm not committed" approach. If someone anal asks me what I do, I can give them the list, but it only a "possible" routine.

by: Judy Kitchener, Canada

Oh my...this was wonderfully refreshing to read! There are soooo many posts about how unhappy people are in retirement that I have actually been wondering if I should?

I loved your perspective and I think if all of us think back to our childhoods like you do we would be better able to embrace and enjoy our new freedom in retirement!

Thanks a million...I am going to copy this out and post it on my wall!

by: Anonymous

And you live in such a beautiful city. I hope you ski!
One of my fodest memories is skiing with my children (teen agers at the time) and it started snowingm and snowed and snowed and almost everyone left the slopes but us and it was SO quiet and beautiful and peaceful. Wonderful memories.

Been there in summer too, wonderfu trees and tree scents. Enjoy

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