Retirement: A bottle of single malt and a puppy

by Kaylee

What do these have in common? The first was a gift at my farewell lunch, which proves that my co-workers knew me well. The second was a gift to myself after my farewell lunch - no, the single malt was not a factor.

I am now in week 3 of not commuting in the dark and minus temperatures and can't say I am missing that at all.

I do have some concerns as I have always been very career focused and never pretended to have any work life balance. I am still thinking of this time as a hiatus rather than retirement.

But I love sitting with my morning coffee looking out at the snow and letting my mind think about all the activities I can now enjoy, as well as the less fun ones I have been putting off for 20 years as I "did not have enough time" - clean out the basement, garage, etc.

Now, the puppy. I have always had and still have dogs. I did have some negative thoughts about getting a puppy, such as whether I would die before the dog but decided that I am going to be a centenarian so dismissed that thought pretty quickly.

For me, the puppy has been a great decision as I am thoroughly entertained and she is teaching me how to play. Who knew you could have so much fun with a squeaky toy or a rope and ball? Of course there is the whole training, teething side. Little does she know about the great plans I have for her future - obedience, agility, service dog training.

I look forward to participating in this community and finding some new friends. It is a great site and the articles thought provoking as well as entertaining.

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i got a puppy also
by: Anonymous

Interesting how much our stories match.. I retired and moved to another town but have not missed it for a minute.

I always thought that I would get a puppy when I retired and I have.. the chewing, biting, barking drive me crazy but then he wants up on my lap and looks at me with those big brown eyes and I forget that my house is never clean anymore. toys everywhere and he loves running outside and bringing in stick or whatever he can find. He is 5 months old now and like you I have great plans when he is grown..

I just have to survive the puppy stage.

by: Dean

Kaylee, welcome to retired life! Your optimistic attitude will serve you well. Looking forward to hearing more as you go forward.

Follow up
by: Jeff

Please let us know how things work out as everyone needs a positive person to look up to and you have what it takes to be one of these people.

Retirement Joy
by: Nina from London


Having a puppy brings so much joy!!!! Plus, now that you're retired you can also have an enjoyable time. Just watching a puppy play is wonderful, don't you think?

Wishing you the best in your discovery journey.

Sincerely, Nina

by: Lynn

Hope your retirement goes well. I have mixed feelings about mine but I still teach a few piano and reading students and trade the stock market and babysit grandkids so I'm not exactly sitting around. I also line dance and exercise regularly. You will find your own special patterns.

You have truly blessed yourself with the gift of a puppy. I believe that dogs (puppies or older) are a link between "any animal" and people. They (if well treated) truly love their people and play, feel, and in general want to fit in with your lifestyle.

I grew up without animals (my mom didn't approve of them in the home) but in middle age my significant other who grew up with dogs introduced me to them As I have gotten used to dogs in the home I have gotten to love and appreciate each of them more and more. They truly bring enthusiasm, fun and loyalty and affection into your life.

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