Retirement: A new happy life ahead

by Anna Yiouselli
(Nicosia Cyprus)

I've been a nurse since i was nearly nineteen and got an early retirement at 59.

The first year went by just enjoying my freedom from work. No more rushing about,no more shifts no stressful responsibilities. Get up in the morning, make my cup of coffee, sit in my garden with my two beautiful dogs. The peace they give me is unbelievable.

Friends drop by any time, and the outings for lunch or dinner are numerous.

One dream that I had for years became real. A year ago, I learned spanish and computer and applied for voluntary work in Peru. I was accepted and worked in a girls orphanage for three months. The experience was tremendous.

Then traveled to a lot of interesting places
in Peru before coming back home.

Now I'm planning my next trip. Not sure where yet where but the places are endless and many people appreciate our help. Thank God I'm healthy and feel i still have a lot to offer and experience.

Coming from a small island though I don't usually find people eager to join me in my trips.

I would love to hear from people with similar interests and exchange ideas.

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by: Anonymous

YOu sound as though you will have a great retirement. We did something similar for many years. Now my husband is preparing for 100 and I have a bad hip, but we have great memories and we were able to share our travel with other seniors.

travel in retirement
by: Joy Collins

Dear " A new happy retirement life ahead",

So glad to hear you are enjoying retirement. If you were a nurse for that long you deserve some stress free time. I wrote in about being somewhat lonely after almost 40 years of public school teaching and adjusting to lots of quiet in a very small town.

But as far as traveling, I am happy you got to learn Spanish and travel to Peru. My husband and I have begun to travel some more, even though he has another year until retirement as a teacher.

We traveled quite a bit with kids when we were both working, but now can travel with just us! Last summer we did my trip of a lifetime-Vienna, Krakow, Prague and Budapest.

My husband is an art teacher and loves the museums, and I love the history. Actually we both love both.

Next summer we plan on doing Belgium and Holland, and then when we can go in the off season, Germany.

I am adjusting, accepting this new life slowly, but not as quickly as you are it seems. I am happy for you. I will get there soon.

Nice to hear about your dreams coming true and keep on traveling! It is the best education! Enjoy!

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