Retirement Adventures

by Dave

I'm 68 years old and retired at 62. I lost my wife almost 6 years ago to ovarian cancer after 34 years of marriage. Of course she's still gentle on my mind but I've moved on.

I haven't put on weight, watch little television, exercise daily, take no medications, and I've found that adventure begins at the end of my comfort zone.

I backpacked... yes, backpacked in Estonia, Finland, Russia and throughout Ukraine. I met a beautiful woman in Berlin who traveled with me for almost a year. I have plane tickets to Buenos Aires in February but only as a stop on my way to Ushuaia and Antarctica.

I say this only to say that we limit ourselves. "OMG I could never do that!" "Well, that's a little outside my comfort zone." I hear that often. But, our limitations are often self induced. We fear that which we don't know or understand. We fear our age. We fear what others may say or think about us. We fear being alone.

But you must make your own adventure! Take control. Life is an uneven business and the truth is no one is coming to save you. You will die waiting for the turn of a friendly card.

Don't let today be the best day you'll experience...


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Small homes for retirees
by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida and the Catskills in NY!!

Many towns restrict tiny homes. Some will permit them as secondary dwellings to the primary residence on a single lot.

Here in Sarasota County, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, many snowbirds choose a mobile home in a mobile home park for their winter home. Others choose an RV park for their home. If you would like more information on the available options in our area - Venice, Florida and Sarasota County, Florida feel free to contact me.

Our skies our sunny, there is no snow, and our temperatures are warm.

Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®
Century 21 Schmidt Real Estate
Venice, Florida

Small Homes for Retirees
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know of any areas in the Southeast that allow for small or tiny home living? Would love to have a winter home at an affordable price, but not sure where these types of homes are allowed.

by: Susan

Thank you for sharing your story! "Adventure begins at the edge of our comfort zone" is a good quote to remember. Also good to hear what you're doing as a single person.

A Needed Post
by: Sandy

Dave - thanks for sharing your retirement story. It occurred to me that one could read what has happened to you and feel badly that you might be sad. But instead, you have found joy and inspiration in your life and have put things in perspective, especially the loss of your spouse.

Many of us on this site still struggle with the concept of aging and retirement so I always enjoy the perspective of someone who is enjoying life. It gives us hope and encouragement.

Have a blessed life.

Own Adventures
by: Joe W.

I agree you must be willing to step outside your comfort zone and tryout some new adventures.

Do you still correspond with that Berlin bombshell that shared the journey with you for a whole year OR, are you going to continue backpacking solo? Brazil in February sounds like a real good idea. Antarctica is another storey.

Are you testing your personal resilience and character when your travel plans lead you to riskier places like Antarctica, Russia and the Ukraine especially if your travelling alone?

Joe W.

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