Retirement: After feeling sorry for myself

by Mark
(Florida )

I am into month four of retirement after 47 years of doing 12 hour work days, and have let go the conversation of feeling sorry for myself.

In the beginning, I found it more comforting to just go back to sleep in the mornings rather then thinking what now.

For me, the adjustment just came and I don’t obsess about who I am, walking around at 2.00pm in the supermarket thinking I could have made more money.

Time does work on our side and a can enjoy more but still not there but improving.

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Feed the squirrels
by: Anonymous

My great-aunt worked part-time well into her 90's. She lived until 105. My grandmother worked part-time into her 80's, and lived until 95.

What did I learn from both of them? If you have something to do everyday, it gives you a sense of purpose and keeps you going.

I worked in a large city, and I used to see an elderly man walking around and throwing peanuts out for the squirrels. I would see him everyday over a 28 year period, and as he got older, he continued to do this even when he needed to use a walker. It was an activity that he enjoyed, he got to do it everyday. It gave him a sense of purpose and kept him physically active. I retired and relocated. But, I'm sure he's still out there today, feeding the squirrels.

Find one thing that you love, and do it every day.

It does come.
by: Anonymous

I am now into my 3rd year of retirement after 37 years with the same company.

At first there was a feeling of lost identy, a searching for the new me. I worked until I was 81 so now I walk with a cane and have the usual things that slow me down.

I have discovered a contented me. I try to keep busy getting out at least twice a week to local groups, but I feel comfortable to be alone with myself. that I believe is one of the most important elements of my stage of life. It is hard to quit work cold turkey, but you find a way to keep growing, although at maybe a slower pace.

sudden rapid change
by: Michael Hertel/ Watertown, WI

Going from 12 hours of work 4 or 5 days a week to nothing is not a good idea. Humans adjust best when changes are made little by little say going down to 6 hours of work for a year or two and then less and less work.

What you're feeling is normal!!!
by: June in Wisconsin

After so many years of routine it is normal to take a while to recalibrate. I worked 34 years for the same company and my job defined me.

It took a year before I could embrace the freedom. I am still looking for the volunteer opportunity that will give me joy and purpose, but am enjoying every day for itself. I can now devote more time to training my dog and stopping to talk with my neighbors. I can clean and do hobbies at my own pace instead of rush, rush.

You will get there too.

Life Is A Journey
by: Anonymous

Remember anything is possible ~ You get to choose!

Job Life Forever
by: Joe W.

After 47 years of 12 hour days I wouldn't quit working. Just find another job anywhere and I'll bet you will be the happiest person in the World. You were born to work!

Not many other people could claim your longevity in the workplace. But make sure the next job that you select is the one that will make you extremely happy.

Enjoy your life!

Joe W.

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