Retirement after medical disability

I became ill 23 years ago and had to do a medical disability.

I always had boundless energy and wanted to work forever -- to be the oldest teacher in my county. Then my dad died in 97 and my mom in 98 and my body just quit.

For the first 2 years I slept most of the time. Then I started getting a little better. I started painting, which was fun. Sewing, it was okay. Writing -- wrote 6 books.

Now, 23 years after retiring I am still going through paperwork -- IT WILL NEVER END!

So now I am going to just what I want every day -- watch documentaries, pray, play the piano, cook one meal a day for my hubby of 58 years, sing, and putter. I don't accomplish a lot but I do enjoy my time.

The Pandemic was the worst because we stayed home for 15 months to avoid the germs. We had our shots but we still avoid the public.

We are just glad we still enjoy each other's company after 58 years!

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New Life and Good Attitude
by: Sherry/ NC

Yes, you enjoy your husband and hobbies because you have a good attitude!

I like you!

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