Retirement: An Adventure in Life

by Carolee

I was "encouraged" by member(s) of management to accept the Buyout package and to consider it as an "early retirement".

I took a couple of retraining courses to pursue a different career path. The 1st training adventure was interesting but I couldn't afford to live on below minimum wage paychecks. I came home and fortunately found some work. That job opened my eyes to things that the public isn't aware if and some questionable business and legal right situations.

I once again entered another training program. That is when I experienced age discrimination, shocked and dismayed I was offered some work at the previous job. I was anxious to quit after I returned to that job. I then was offered some retraining programs through the job that offered the buyout. I quickly left the job I had returned to.

Through a series of events, I sought counseling and it was there that I learned of a potential career opportunity once I complete my advanced degree.

Reviewing my life, I like to remain busy. I do have some type of schedule, go to school (a form of therapy for me) and adopted a couple of rescue/shelter dogs.

I occasionally experience bouts of depression... I have realized that my depression is a form of anger turned inwards. Action is the magic word for me. Feel depressed, clean the table top, still depressed, then clean it again. If I am still depressed - go outside and pull some weeds or call a friend. Then go and do some homework.

Social skills outside of work is one of my weaknesses. I am working on it versus ignoring it.

I also keep a journal on my resues. I dabble in writing.

Where do I go from here? No idea, but i will search for an answer.

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by: Rox/BCH

You sound SO much like a friend of mine. How she keeps up with some things and lapses during is beyond me, but her pulls through, just like her says her will. She is so giving and now that she no longer works regular she is trying to do for herself. Hard isn't it, really no.

I found that TIME is the culprit in that little drama. Not loneliness (which inactivity is that one), not others (which ignorance is that one), not inablity/aging (which self pity is that one)...ALL of these things, good parts and bad, we KNOW...USE THEM and show your age.

Just keep on...well you know the rest. Have a great day and thanks for reminding me that I am not alone.

Hang in there
by: Donna Augusta Mo

CarolLee good luck. It is hard to retire especially when you get such a reward from working. I think we have to keep busy whatever that is like you say journaling or walks. Thanks for sharing I think that is important too. It keeps us engaged.

Depression and retirement
by: Nancy

Sounds like you have some good ideas and listen to your counselor. Keeping busy has kept depression at bay for me. Sewing as a hobby has literally saved me.

I went to lunch yesterday with a friend from my old job. I've been retired over 4 years. She is the same age as I am, but still working although retiring in November. I got triggered meeting with her.

Retirement has not been what I thought it would be. I still have bouts of wanting to be back at my old job. Then I think about all the stress and anxiety. I used to even check my e-mails on vacation. There was always something in the e-mails that would upset me.

Keep coming back to this retirement group here. It has also saved me. I wish you the best.

Avoid routine
by: Gordon G.Kinghorn

I can relate to your comments Carolee, I understand precisely where you currently sit. As one who has shared your uncertainty and possible frustration with life as it presently stands - may I suggest that your sit down and write?

Enthusiastically pen all those events that have shaped your life - and share these recollections with others through these electronic means and beyond. It is my profound belief that from the very moment you hit the keys on your PC, a new you shall start to emerge - start from the very beginning of your existence, who your parents were, how you were raised and then convey to all and sundry, your experiences of first love, scholastic accomplishment and highs and lows of your adolescent existence.

Then, take the reader into the middle part of your existence, combining this recount with the political milestones that you experienced during the course of your lifetime, coupled with family memories and the heartbreak and joy that permeated within your dynasty at given junctures.

Throughout this literary endeavour, you shall start to re-live the critical chapters of a life lived - your life - and one that many, many people of our dotage wish to share with you. As memories start to re-surface within your psyche, those otherwise considered-to-be well-forgotten passages of your continuation, do not be too surprised by the plethora of emotions that start to emerge within your psyche, alas, when the screen begins to reflect your thoughts - and as you scan the pages of your linguistic endeavour - prepare for inward or audible bouts of laughter, together with with intermittent moments of maudlin regret or sadness - all part of life's rich tapestry.

You are a special person as there exists only one of you - similarly, your experiences and achievements are unique too, each of us have a story to tell - and although many narratives may be similar in content to countless of others - they are never quite the same - and we all wish to know why, there is only one Carolee after all - so get scribing girl!

As much as the Genesis and middle part of your reflections remain solely in your hands - I would suggest that you refrain from attempting to scribe personal thoughts on the end bit of your prose - that undertaking lies entirely in the hands of God - "What lies next?" - as you so eloquently posed in your articulate contribution - is a whole new episode, one filled with purpose and appreciative self-worth - retirement is an opportunity - not a regretful burden - seize the moment - and do it - now!!!

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