Retirement and Coronavirus

by GJ

As most of us are confining ourselves to our residences, we may be watching more TV.

Last week I happen to catch an episode of Dr Phil on the mental ramifications of confinement from the virus.

As the Dr and guest spoke about all the symptoms they were experiencing, I found I had the same symptoms 4 years ago when forced to retire.

Many confined Americans are feeling that isolated, lack of social environment which is putting them into a state of depression.

When this epidemic finally subsides these people should be able to get back to work and hopefully their mental state improves.

For those people who are thinking of retiring make sure you have a good plan in place to keep busy and enjoy life.

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I never thought of this
by: Nancy

I've been retired for 8 years. I had a terrible adjustment to retirement with depression and regret.

I have adjusted to retirement, but I still regret not working longer. I never thought of the fact that persons who are working who lost their jobs, are working from home, are temporarily out of work due to the virus, are probably going through the same thing I went through after retiring.

I was in the Peace Corps 40 years ago. I just found out the all 7000 Peace Corps volunteers have been evacuated and their service terminated. My heart goes out to them. Not only are they abruptly out of work, but they had to leave behind friends and people who had become family. Unless you've been in Peace Corps, you can't understand the bond formed between Peace Corps volunteers and their host country.

I'm praying for all of them.

I Can Relate
by: Canadian Retiree

I can relate to what you went through when you were forced to retire. I retired earlier than I planned after beating breast cancer. I struggled with emotional feelings of wanting to retire vs returning to work for one more year. I ended up retiring. I went into a steady decline and needed psychiatric and psychologist help.

I’m better now but this isolation has brought back some of those feelings and memories. I’m trying to keep busy and not sit in front of my TV too much. I exercise at home and go for short walks in my neighbourhood.

I can understand how people who aren’t retired and used to going to work must feel. We humans are social creatures and certainly this is not normal for any of us. My husband is not a social type but even he has to get out in public now and then.

Hopefully life will return to normal soon. Take care.

Get outside and keep moving!
by: Michael D. Bell, REALTOR®, Venice Florida and the Catskills in NY!!

Here in Venice, Florida, I have noticed a lot more people outside riding bicycles, walking, and roller blading. Since I cycle daily, and normally only see a handful of people when I ride, I guess these people have so many other things that they usually do that are no closed or cancelled. So, if you feel isolated, get outside and exercise if you are able to do so.

Sit on your front porch if you can. Take your chair, sit at the nearest intersection, and wave to all the cars that drive by.

Many areas of the country are seeing spring, so start your yard work early. And, if you have never done so, consider starting a garden. You can order seeds and plants online.

No matter what you do, just remember to keep your 6 foot distance. Each day is a new day with a chance to write a new page in your story!

Stay safe and healthy!

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