Retirement and COVID

by Rosie

They say a journey of 1000 steps begins with one step. However that is the hardest step to take.

Due to being ill with the virus and nearly at retirement I gave up my stressful job. Initially, I was looking forward to summer at home. BUT I can't get a state pension till I'm 66 when I'm officially retired. I can't see my family as I'd hoped. Traveling or trips anywhere off. Shopping with no money off. Seeing friends difficult.

Motivation has become very difficult. I feel like I have no focus. Every day I try to plan then I can't be bothered to do it. I have tried walking but couldn't go far as no toilets open.

I have always worked, been busy, and now nothing. I start projects then give up.

I'd had a plan for my retirement. Traveling seeing my family, but suddenly everything has gone topsy turvy and I can't see a way forward.

I realise it will take time and I need the patience to get there.

I know I need to take that first step but to where and do what?

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Been Down That Road
by: Canadian Retiree

I totally understand how you feel. Retiring when you are getting over an illness is no easy adjustment. I was recovering from breast cancer treatments when I decided to retire.

I was actually in the process of returning to my job for one more year before my 65th birthday. I was in a deep depression following my chemo and radiation treatments.

I’m now in my second year of retirement and fully recovered from the cancer. I wasn’t ready to retire. All I can say is try and find something to do. Don’t dwell on the past it doesn’t help.

I took up water colour painting and exercising also helps. I tried volunteering but it just made me think about my job and regret retiring.

Anyway I hope things improve for you. Retirement during a pandemic is not ideal but one day we will be able to do things again.

Hang in there!

Been there done that
by: Jeff/Toledo

My advice is this.....just keep doing what your doing now....sharing your feelings.

We have all been where you are in life and one thing nice about sharing here is that people understand, listen. and are willing to share with you.

So take some time and relax some then start thinking about things that might make you happy today....just for today.

Tomorrow is another day we don't need to worry about for now.


Combating Covid19
by: Bernard Kelly - Geelong

Hello Rosie

I'm much like you - so I've decided to write a novel.

Here are my chapter headings - and given your outlook, how would you suggest that I could expand on them?



Why Successful Aging is So Difficult
Physical and Mental Health
Biology of Aging
Finding Discipline
Family & Friends
Best Place to Retire
Personal Finances
Maintain Your Zest for Living


Bernard Kelly
Geelong, Australia

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