Retirement and depression

I was terminated from my job and given a forced early retirement. I was (and still am) battling depression and anxiety. I thought I hid it very well, but apparently not after all.

There is a CATCH 22 here. I feel worthless and distraught over being home alone, but don't know if I can work with the depression/anxiety. A mental health counselor told me I am disabled and can't hold a job. I also have various medical appointments scheduled each month.

My wife still works, which adds to my shame. My retirement amount is modest. I do some volunteer work and help out/visit my pastor friend at church office one or two days a week.

I wish I could just kick back and enjoy myself, but that is not the case.

I don't have that many close friends, mostly acquaintances.

My wife has a lot of hobbies and interests. I eliminated most of mine through the years.

In closing, I feel trapped and stuck.

Wendy: I'm taking a class right now based on the Too Young To Retire book, about all the options in retirement.

First, my parents had few friends when they first retired -- too busy working. Somehow they found friends. Go out to lunch. Go to the Library. Look for events in your town and just walk around, breathing in the fresh air!

Second, think about what you enjoyed as a kid. Is there a hobby you used to enjoy before you had to be responsible and raise a family? Consider looking into that hobby again, there might be a local group that does it, or find a chat group on line that talks about it over email.

So many opportunities... don't worry about not working, find something to fill your time with.
It really will help!

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by: Anonymous

i went through same thing , depression, i retired in feb 2011, i did not have any motivation to do anything , i was a nurse ,i finally got fed up w/ the politics at work like being reported to boss. i did not do this or that so i just quit, i work nights so to this day i go to bed at 05 am wake up at 1130 am , but finally thought i worked for 45 yrs on overtime for 14 - 16 yrs now .
i feel guilty that i am lazy , i finally decided i deserved to be lazy , i am feeling better, i have to get out even to go the library, have a cup of coffee, so i am getting there, you will too, GOD BLESS YOU

Some suggestions
by: Anonymous

My husband retired before I did. He now does all laundry - dishes - and most of the cooking!

Maybe you could consider taking over some of the things your wife does that would make her days easier.

He also started walking more - I think that helps with feeling good.

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