Retirement and getting older...What to, Have to, Want many to's...

by Virginia C.
(Pennsylvania, USA)

I retired back in 2015 due to physical and emotional limitations suddenly occurring in my life. After living a very hectic and active life (all my life) coming to an abrupt stop in "have to(s)" was quite a shock.

At first, it was "Yippe, I can sleep much time to say "f..k it"...and stay home. Felt like I was playing hooky each day.

Then as the years progressed I found that I was less and less able to maintain the active lifestyle (activities) I wanted to do. Like bicycling, climbing trees, going up and down lots of stairs, carrying 10 grocery bags full at one time, jumping up and down for no reason, etc...

Then hip gave out, then the knee, hands (I began to feel like one of those string toys that when the button is pushed it just collapsed. Oh yea, that was me).

Potato chips bags became my nemesis...oh the horror. Would love to hear other's experiences of what to, have to, and want to...

More to come... (I think...if I don't get distracted...what's that??)


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Spirit Willing, Body Not
by: Canadian Retiree

Life is cruel, we think how great it's going to be when we retire and have all the time in the world for activities we missed whiled working full time. Unfortunately, our bodies and our health dictate what's to be.

After battling breast cancer for 4 years, I finally feel well enough to do more activities and have even thought I could work part-time.

However, after taking it easy for so long my "get up and go, got up and left" I'm doing the best I can and take art classes and other workshops on Zoom. I stay as fit as possible by riding my stationary bike and doing exercises.

My problem is lack of a social life. I've lost touch with my family and friends, most of them live too far away. It's very lonely at times. My husband is not well and isn't a very social type, so we don't get out much and get on each others nerves sometimes - cabin fever, I guess.

Ironically my house has become "my job". I can look around and always find something to do. It's almost a blessing. Yikes, I never thought I would feel that way about housework!

Enjoyed your post.

I feel like you...
by: Susan

The toy with the strings and the bottom pushed in, is a perfect description.

I retired at an early age, in 2015, went back as a contractor, for a few years...helped with the care, logistics of my aging parents, in a city 2 hours away...

I loved going to that location....and it was my 'job'. Then they died, after I made them move to a retirement place...but enough of all of that.

Now, after the terrible year of 2020, I am free to do anything, but my always athletic, youthful 'looking' body, is giving in to the chronic deterioration of my spine and neck, that I dealt with since my teens. The pain, issues would come and go...and I always had the thoughts of youth on my side, knowing 'I'd get better'..well now, I'm having leg muscle pains and extreme neck pain...And the thoughts of youth...are gone.

I'm afraid, this indeed will be the way it is, forever.

I still hike, do yard work, walk my large dog...but the little things are painful, like reading in bed...singing in a choir...doing my watercolor painting...

I am also that stringed toy...I think I'll wish really hard again...and hope, it will get better, and its definitely getting in my way!

by: Alison NY

I loved your comments. I have become so distracted since retirement.

I had a whole bookshelf of classic books I was going to reread. OMG, I can't pay attention. Its like I lost IQ points. I do read, just simple thrillers and fun things. I have no attention span. I can only read for a half-hour at a time, then I have to get up and move.

And my mind wants to get up and go, but my body does not oblige. I just had knee replacement cause my body parts are all in need of repair.

My chiropractor promises me I am about to get my second wind, but I am nowhere near the active person I used to be.

I watch my fellow retirees very quickly adapt to a slower pace and I run gimpy circles around them trying to live my former life...and failing miserably.

I do find that yoga is relaxing, yet energizing at the same time. Maybe it would work for you.

It also keeps me focused. Or at least I fake it.

This retirement stuff...not as easy as we all thought. Hang in there....

What to ..
by: Anonymous

Oh I hear you. My hip just wore out.

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