Retirement and Prescription Drugs: Love/Hate Relationship

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Prescriptions, yes, I take a few... most retirees do.

This is simply my two cents on Drugs -- sometimes they are necessary, other times they are not. This is not researched, just my experiences.

Prescription Drug Commercials

YES, those d*** commercials with someone romping through fields of wildflowers after using this new med... WOW! I need this stuff!

But Wait -- did you hear a fast-talking person at the end of the commercial, spelling out all the possible side effects? Oddly enough, as quick as they can verbalize those negative effects, they are gone. Back to the feel-good flower romping person who has has a new great life due to these drugs.

Are the side effects worth the benefit? You are retired. Do the research. You have time to better understand your medications now.

Doctors, Drug Representatives and Free Samples

I have a great doctor and I'm honest with him. I've told my doctor that I seriously hate that he has Pharmaceutical Reps in the office all the time. They bring samples, and he is kinda obligated to hand them out. Yes, he is giving free samples to us, to try before we must pay for them. Yeah, but...

Drug Reps are often young good-looking women, dressed up, high heels, and the patients wait while the doc is with the rep learning about the newest drugs... drives me crazy. WHY are they all young and good-looking? Can't anyone provide the info to doctors so they can learn about the benefits of these newer drugs? Apparently not -- they need good-looking females to capture their attention. ūüôā

I once told the nurse: WHY do they have to send these good-looking gals to talk about prescriptions? She said: WAIT -- we have one good-looking male rep. who comes in and all the nurses want to chat with him! 

Doctors, in turn, think they are giving the newest great thing to their patients, but they are also giving out samples because they must. Doctors are provided with incentives to help their patients learn about the newest drugs out there.

Patients often see the highly-marketed fabulous commercials and run into their doctor office asking for the newest greatest prescription. Doctors hand them a prescription, even if it's not the best drug for them.

Side Effects

I wrote about the fast-talkers at the end of commercials for new improved medications. Most drugs have side effects -- and quite often, you end up with a second and third drug to combat the effects of the first drug.

Bill, a senior friend, told me about two resources online that will let you learn more about your drug interactions.

-- is a website where you can search the drug you are taking. Scroll down the page a bit (first there are ADS that will take you off to a different site), then there is information about your medication and links to other articles. My search took me to insomnia and xxdrug, dosage, side effects, comparison to other well known meds, etc.

-- is another interesting site with lots of research articles. Bill uses their *Free* Medisafe app, and it looks pretty cool.

Medisafe will: 1) remind you to take you meds, 2) remind you when refills should be ordered, 3) tell you about drug interactions after you enter your meds in the app, and more! It even provides coupons and discounts at thousands of nationwide drugstores!

If you've got the time to research your meds, why not?

Maybe, just maybe, you'll realize that one of your issues, something you never thought was medication-related, could be a side effect to discuss with your doctor. You could even research other meds to tell your doctor you'd like to try.

Is your medication necessary?

It probably is, but not always. I'm not being a skeptic, I simply want you to think for yourself and do some research.

For example, My sister was on a cholesterol drug for years. When she looked it up, her levels were in the normal (leading towards high) range -- so she asked her Doctor WHY she was taking the meds? The answer was: to keep you from increased cholesterol. Lorri changed her eating habits, brought her cholesterol down naturally, and with the doctors approval, stopped the drug.

This was an easy example. Most medications aren't this easy to quit. BUT maybe you are taking something that might not benefit you as much as you think it does?

And Maybe your drugs are not playing nice together, giving you side effects that could be resolved if there wasn't a bad drug interaction. Yes, doctors and pharmacists know this, but they are busy and we need to look out for ourselves!

Natural Remedies

I love essential oils (peppermint, lavender, tea tree oil) and different items from Health Food Stores too. But, I don't go overboard on these supplements either.

On this flip side of prescription drugs, two of my besties died of cancer... both were gals who disliked modern medicine and did all things with natural remedies. They always talked about health food stores and herbs -- Both Died.

Please don't be too fixed in your health mindset. There are pros and cons to everything. Research. Walk into the doctor's office with a list of questions to ask (that way, you don't forget).

Do Your Homework

I do believe in Doctors. One big need for doctors in retirement is anxiety and depression. I don't like these meds but sometimes they are necessary to get past the transition phase of these big life changes. Get yourself balanced again.

-- Do you use a Prescription Drug App?
-- Have you ever taken the time to research what you are taking?

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Drugs - Think Twice Before Taking Them
by: Linda/Nevada

I just recently finished reading a book entitled "China RX" by Rosemary Gibson and Janardan Prasad Singh. This is a book published in 2018 so I feel the information in this book is pretty recent.

The United States better wake up and start manufacturing our own drugs. While reading this book, I felt my skin curling as I read about the condition of some of these labs in China that are making so many of the drugs that thousands of people are currently taking. The FDA is at a huge disadvantage in trying to regulate the safety of our drugs because of China's refusal to allow US inspectors to do their jobs.

Not only are prescription drugs in the hands of dirty and deceptive labs in China, but also over-the-counter medications that are taken by countless numbers of consumers. There is so much information in this book that I cannot cover in this post but everyone deserves to know what the US is up against by allowing our drugs to be made in China.

I strongly urge everyone to read this book because even if you don't take prescription drugs now, you may find yourself faced with the need to make a decision about taking them in the future.

Lorri’s Solution
by: Leaking Ink/USA

Do you think you could get Lorri to write an article on what she did, personally, to lower her Cholesterol naturally?

Prescription Drugs
by: Anonymous

I want to thank you for putting this information out to people. It is very important that people check these drugs, what they are for and the side effects.

Ten years ago I was depressed about how my business was running and in menopause. Someone gave me a drug which I thought was for depression but was not in reality. I had an adverse reaction to it and could have lost my business and much more.

No matter how good your doctor is you must be proactive in your care.

Rx Profits
by: John A. / Tyler, Tx

I too wondered about the nice looking and well dressed pharma reps who visited my doctor all the time. I would often see them delivering large coolers of food or boxes of pizza for staff to munch on during lunch. That alway bothered me to see these people buying influence while peddling medication. And given the huge markups, the pharma industry makes huge sums of money.

But even more disturbing are hearing the warnings and disclaimers on TV ads. They make one wonder which is worse; the illness or the medication. Either one has the potential to cause a patient to cash in his/her chips.

Personally, I think pharma should not be allowed to advertise their drugs to the patient. The patient may ask the doctor to write an Rx for the drug that may not be the best thing since they don’t always have the necessary expertise.

But what really angers me is seeing patients pay huge sums of money for many drugs recommended via advertisements. And when I use to travel to Mexico with friends to buy medications, the very same drugs by the same manufacturer were often 90%-95% less than what we pay here in the US.

This tells me something stinks to high heaven and US pharma gouging the US patients for paying for all those lunches at Dr offices and subsidizing lower prices in other countries. There is something wrong with this picture.

Prescription Drugs
by: Sherry/ NC

I once read an article about a 94 year old woman who said she was asked why she had lived a long life and she said she didn't take
prescription drugs!

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