Retirement and Silva Healing

This is another Silva program that I own... and I think its a good fit for any retirees.

I truly believe that the Mind is a powerful tool that we simply don't use to it's fullest possibilities. I believe our minds can help, or hinder, the bodies ability to heal.

Have you ever wondered how your mind can actually affect your physical health in both positive and negative ways? Learn how to start healing.

I don't want to "sell" you this program, but I am adding four videos here -- watch or not, you can see what happened with others who use Silva Mind Body Healing.

Frank from Georgia

John from New York (retired)

Shirley from Canada

Cheryl from Napa Valley

Just sharing something I love - in the hopes that even one retiree is helped with Silva Meditations. 

  • Did you know that HALF of all bankruptcies in the United States are caused by medical bills?
  • Do you realize that the average American, over a lifetime, will spend approximately $5,000 per year on often UNNECESSARY medical procedures? 

These are some pretty sobering statistics, and I'm sharing them so you understand the importance of what I'm about to say: 

Your health is the single biggest asset you'll ever have. 

  • Feeling sick? Pop a pill. 
  • Still feeling sick? Opt for an invasive medical procedure, and drug yourself with painkillers after.
  • What most people don't realize is, the answer to holistic well-being often comes from "within". 

I previously posted about WHY meditation works here... results from a UCLA and Harvard Study.

Silva has been busy for 5 decades collaborating with leading scientists and thought leaders, and training over 6 million people worldwide to awaken the full potential of their minds. 

The Silva Method publishes a bestselling home training program called Silva Mind Body Healing.

It's full of immersive exercises, deep meditations and fascinating insights for melting away stress, managing pain and improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Yet it takes no more than 10 minutes a day to practice.

I can't stress this enough - if you or a loved one is dealing with ANY form of illness or ailment like diabetes, cancer, migraines, joint pains, depression etc... 

Or even if you're just looking to manage stress, feel healthier and have more focus and energy...

I strongly recommend trying this program for yourself. It's not cheap, but it certainly pays for itself if you get helped with your mental and physical health.

If you don't have good health, you really have little. LIFE starts with health...

Have fun!