Retirement and Silva

To me, retirement and Silva go hand in hand... Silva What?  Silva Life Systems... 

In retirement, I love to meditate using Silva audios, something I never did when I worked full-time, but sure wished I did!

I could have been so much more effective -- less stress and anxiety -- so I could focus on the job at hand.  Oh well.. too late!

How does Meditation work?

Now, in retirement, I listen to Silva Life System audios to re-energize. I gain so much perspective on my retired life when I meditate with these audios. Silva seems to clear my mind and allows me to focus - or even simply enjoy life - without my normal anxieties! Love it!

Let me introduce SILVA Life Systems to you! 

The Silva Life System offers a free download... the Centering Exercise is what I love!

Since 1966, the Silva Method has helped 6 million people in 110 countries to spark profound and lasting positive change in their careers, finances, health, emotional well-being and relationships.

As we age, it gets more difficult to focus or to find energy to do what you know you want to do.

Enter SILVA into my retired life. I swear it helps me.

I love listening to Laura's voice. Her work comes from her fathers lifetime dedication to studying the human mind and developing this program that Laura now supports.

It's amazing what our brain can do, if we only let it. I truly do believe that internal healing can happen, with the right mindset. Just like devastating illness can occur when you mentally fail - like with depression.

I love Silva audios. Specifically, Love the CENTERING EXERCISE... It is so good!

I will warn you, it does often make me sleep because I lie in my recliner! Bad Wendy! It's a good well-being nap, and I wake feeling full of Life again! Take my advice, sit up and get the most from your meditative experiences!

If you do nothing else for yourself this week --

  • download the Centering Exercise
  • find a quiet place to sit comfortably
  • simply enjoy the sheer warmth and anxiety-free time as it washes over you! 

It might take listening a few times before you REALLY feel it. That's fine too. Just accept it, enjoy it, let it help you to get past retirement stresses.

The full Silva Life System is amazing as you can truly train your brain to do most of what you will ever need to do. As a retiree, you've got time to play -- why not train your brain and life the fantastic life that you've always dreamed of living?

Hope this small gift really HELPS you this week!

Have fun!