Retirement and suddenly widowed

by Janet
(Dallas, Tx)

I retired in April of 2011. My husband & I spent 3 months in Northern Belize to see if it was some where we would want to retire to. We fell in love with Belize, the people and made a lot of new friends. He went back in Sept. and I joined him in Oct. We were in the process of finding a smaller house to rent as we did not want to buy property there.

He passed away on Nov. 1, 2011.

I returned back to the states to take care of things here. I see alot on your website but nothing about being a widow and retirement. Do you plan on adding anything to your site at any point in time?

There are very few sites that address finding yourself suddenly a widow in retirement with nothing to do.

Wendy: I hope widows and widowers out there will respond to you. Sending sympathy and prayers your way...

You are right, this topic belongs on my site to help others who find themselves in the same situation. Actually, this is 50% of us at some point in life.. right? Someone has to die first, so the partner left has to go on with life. Personally, I can't imagine that!

A year or so ago, I had a man from Mexico who had just moved there in retirement. He was excited to write about his new life there, though a bit depressed, and wrote one article. His wife traveled home to the USA, he stayed in Mexico. A week or so later, she emailed me to say he died while she was away in the U.S. I was so shocked!

Many prayers sent your way...

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Don't sit and grieve!
by: Sheila

Forget yourself and think about others. Be a volunteer and brighten someone else's life. Let the sunshine you spread reflect back to you!

so sorry
by: Brenda corcoran

I want to say I am so sorry for those people who had a loss in their lives, I am thinking of you all and will remember you in my prayers, I hope you will find good friends in your life, I will be one if you like. Yours thoughtful friend brenda.xxxxx

My Condolences
by: Barbara

Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday...

Sudenly widowed
by: SUZY

Dear Janet,

Sixteen years have passed. To this day, I cannot forget, when all of a sudden, at work I got two calls, one after another to go to the hospital at once, because my husband, who was absolutely healthy, when I left for work in the morning was dead. I was numb. Like a robot I went and did every thing Management and co-workers were superb but inside me was empty, even in the company. So was the house. I found peace in prayers, getting out, reading and keeping my self busy.

We cannot forget, because the memories will be always there, but time will reduce the agony. Any seniors club or activity place helps also. Any interest, like knitting, making jewellery, necklaces, looking after a child for some time can be a healer too. God almighty always gives strength. He who can take can give also.

With best wishes

Suddenly widowed
by: Anonymous

My son died suddenly in Pakinstan in 2008. He was 60. I told her to apply for Social Security so she would have an income when trying to access her husband's bank accounts. I review and I had a a book, "Widow's Words" and another one on family transitions to send to her. Widow's Words was an antholgy written by several widows. Your library
may have it. Elinor

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