Retirement and the weather

by Rob

I love ❤️ cold, rainy, snowy days, basically inclement weather! Why? As a golf professional I worked on all those nice sunny warm days taking care of the golfers, when in was shitty weather I went home and relaxed 😎! That's why I love ❤️ shit weather! 👍 ☔️ ❄️ 💨 ☁️

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Retirement and the weather
by: Sherry/Wilmington,NC


Frustrated Golfers
by: Anonymous

Part of my walking routine is a nature path that runs along side a golf course. Many times when I walked this path I could hear the conversations of the golfers themselves.

Why do some of them use 'bad words' when they are golfing?

In one case, a golfer was smashing his golf cart against another one. So, the question is do you think that taking up golfing as a sport is beneficial to your health & wellness OR just the opposite, a detriment to your physical & mental well being?

Bad Weather Retirees
by: Wendy,

I experienced quite the opposite with Road Commission workers... they were thrilled to retire because: for the first timet in years, they didn't have to go out in the snow with plows. No more on-call snow days where they could be called into work in the middle of night or anytime on holidays.

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