Retirement and Time

by Wendy

Are you wasting time in your own retirement?

We only have so many minutes, weeks, months, years left. We cannot buy time. We don't know when our time on earth ends.

Time is flying by.........

How are you spending your Time Resource?

Time Magazine published an article on the Stress Epedemic a few months ago. Time = Stress. Stress makes us ill, our immune systems are compromised with stress. When you are working full-time, over a lifetime, you are likely stressed in some area of life. You live an over-scheduled life. There is little time for important relationships in life.

Just think - with technology nowadays, we are more connected and yet less connected. As the movie "Six Degrees of Separation" suggested, we are only six people away from all on the planet. With Facebook and the Internet, we are easily connected to anyone on the planet.

Then you retire.

Time to focus on you! Focus on what really matters in life -- your family, your own happiness!

What is important to you? What would you LOVE to do, however odd it sounds? Is it possible to make tiny steps towards the goal of doing something special (be it a simply hobby like playing guitar or something more complex like being a Florida Snowbird)?

When you have time with the family, be intentional about it. Be there. Don't have your mind on anything else, giving your time and attention is a huge gift to family.

Having said that, they are still living the busy rat race paced lifestyle, so don't expect more than they can give, and get disappointed yourself.

You need intentional times of fulfillment and intentional times of rest to make a Balanced Retired Life.

How will you spend your days this week?

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