Retirement... another journey, another chapter!


As a Chemical Engineer, I began working in 1969, afterwards I developed my career professionally at countless labs, ultimately at the Mexican Food and Drug, as well as the Army,

I retired after 48 years working. It was a wonderful experience. I retired simply because I wanted to study all over again at the University of Mexico, something I have done successfully.

After almost 50 in the chemical industry, I decided to try something new — economics as the answer.

My life is dynamic and creative and I have no time for lonliness.

To all of you, please cheer up… you are not alone! It is your mental attitude that counts!

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Retirement ok for me
by: Micheal jiles/ Los Angeles, ca

I am doing ok, in retirement. Some friends and family, not coping well with all the free time. I find things to keep me occupied. Haven't tried any volunteer work, just happy with home jobs.

Well that's it, hope everyone just realizes that it is what you make of it. DON'T try too hard to fit a common retired person mold.


Response to Retirement: another journey
by: Ken San Diego


Now that I have been retired just over a year ...I can honestly say "HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP" !!!!! j/k

I will just have to plan another trip! I have been to Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. 13 times, and most of the USA. I take those long haul Amtrak train trips from LA to Seattle (11 times) and Cross country LA to Chicago (2 times) Now where?

Enjoyed your post... you had a great career! I was Accountant Finance Director for Doctors, (which is why I try to AVOID doctors, at any cost!!! ) ;-)

Retirement.....another journey
by: Sherry/NC

You are correct, by studying at the University! Stay busy and you will feel good about your self and learn somethng new at the same time.

Life is a learning experience and that means all of your lifetime!

Sometimes I get too busy! I am retired and need to rest a little during the day!

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