Retirement anxiety

by Gerard
(Omaha,Ne. USA)

Since I've retired there have been several people I've worked with or know that were younger than I and have passed on. This makes me sad because I miss them and wish I could call them.

How do I think positive thoughts to help?

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Life and death
by: Anonymous

Take joy in the fact that you are still alive. Be grateful for each day that the sun comes up and you are up with it (ran in ok too).

I have lived a long time and have high blood pressure for the first time in my life. Am getting a cardiac workup next week. Maybe I'm on the road to death or maybe not, I don't know.

I've known a few beloved people who have died before their time: my brother had his own private plane and died in his early 40's and took a young son with him...too young.

One of my best friends and my yoga teacher/masseuse died in her early 40's though she lived the healthiest life ever...but had genetic imperfections. That means all the more that I should enjoy and be grateful for my long life and extra days.

Best wishes.

Death is Part of Aging
by: Wendy,

My parents are 90 and 92... they often name people they've known since retirement, friends locally and out of state, and most have died. They are still here.

Such is life - the longer you live, the more friends and family who pass, leaving the survivors older and more alone.

Consider where your retired life is headed. Get out of your home. Go anywhere, out to breakfast, shopping, helping a neighbor (perhaps driving a neighbor somwhere, cutting the lawn, whatever). Help where you can to get your mind off yourself and the missed co-workers.

p.s. I use a meditation app and you might check it out. Search for anxiety meditations, etc... and find a few you like!

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