Boredom is a measure of sucess

by Harry
(Monticello, NY)

I retired at age 57 from civil service in New York State, I am 60 now.

I have seen it all in the field of Forensic Psychology and don't want to see it again.

I have an adequate income for me and my wife of 24 years. I sleep as late as I want. I don't have an alarm clock. I planned my retirement to be affordable right here in NY. Not even that dope Paterson can screw me up.

Flexible enough to be comfortable for years to come despite any problem with the economy in foreseeable future.

I have waterfront property. There is lots of work to do outside. I always have something to do.

Now as long as we stay healthy we will be fine. If I pass the wife is set up for life just as we are now. She will sell house and move south I'm sure. If she passes I will stay here as long as my strength holds out.

We don't smoke or drink, neither should you.

Goodluck You are going to need it>>>>>>Harry

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