Retirement brings out the true person.

by Angie

My thought and experience as a wife of a retiree....retirement really unveils who they are.

Let's not, and I don't fool myself, annoying habits were always there. As well as poor communication. If the problems were not nipped in the bud during those career years, trust me, there us no magic for change.

The older they and we all get the odds of change are almost next to 'nit going to happen.

We are in our 70's and he is still passive aggressive. I have come close to banging my own head into the wall at times. I thought he was changing until we have a problem house related, and he gets annoyed that as he says, I'm always right.

My mind is sharp and my logic is just as sharp. I don't try it say I am. To me, it does not matter who is right or wrong as long as there is a resolution that works for both of us. He has an old man stubbornness and ego.

I will keep busy and go back to church.

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