Retirement can be Exciting

by Liz in Georgia
(Macon, GA, USA)

Many people do many different things upon retirement.

There are so many of my friends that seek out study classes and learning experiences which can be the right thing for them.

After working 50 years, I decided very quickly this was going to be my fun thing and that I had enough learning in my head and my aim was do stuff I'd wanted to do for a long time but never had time.

I enrolled a seniors' exercise class that meets three mornings a week and is invigorating and fun to me, knowing how much it's doing for my self-esteem and looking better. I learned how to line dance and do that several days a week.

Then there is time to travel to far off lands that I've never had time for. Since retirement have visited Alaska, Ireland and then out west to Oregon and Seattle area several times.

Folks, whatever makes you happy, that is the thing you must do, not what somebody tells you to do or they're doing.

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Like Upbeat!
by: Val in Canada

Great attitude. Do what makes you happy.

I am into my 3rd year of retirement and I am still enjoying my life, I don't miss the morning commute, the office politics, maybe I miss the office gossip !! :)

I do not miss work. I have worked long enough and paid my dues, now is the time to enjoy the things we didn't have time to do.

We must see the value in our lives. Take time to absorb where we have been and where we want to be in life.
Life has many different turns and we will not be happy all the time. Sometimes it isn't entirely our fault. We have to deal with the people that have been dropped into our lives, our health issues, our loved ones health issues, listening to stories that can stress us, but we must realize all of those issues can be managed.

Every day try to see something positive in your life and those around you.

Have something to look forward to. It doesn't have to be big, it just has to be fun for you. It can be learning something new. Meeting new people . Trying a new recipe. Having plants to care for. Joining a social event, or a social club. Planning a vacation within your budget, again doesn't have to be big, just fun.

Meeting new people and sharing stories with each other is quite uplifting.

The happier you become the happier the people you share your life with will be. Smile and the world smiles with you.

A New Chapter
by: Chaleena

I love retirement! It is so wonderful to be able to go to the gym, take classes, visit grandkids, travel and make new friends. I had no idea what this chapter would be like. I could not imagine the freedom! It is like being reborn! I wish this for everyone who has put in their time.

Hear hear!
by: Dean

Absolutely agree with you as long as your doing something you enjoy. Definitely not vegging out in front of the television!

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