Retirement Coach: Testimonial

by Steven

I have been working with Wendy, the Retirement Coach and have been following her blog for about three years.

Wendy is one of these rare jewels that really understands the plight of the newly or not so newly retired. She has tremendous insight into the emotional components that retirees have to face when they lose their work identity. They feel there is no where to turn and then there is Wendy!!! She has tremendous insight into the emotional components that retirees have to face. She is truly refreshingly selfless in her approach and is 100% on your side in every conceivable way possible. Wendy is giving, insightful heartfelt and a amazing gift to the retirement world.

Without a doubt I give Wendy as A+ as a person, selfless caretaker, and above all a retirement motivator.

Heartfelt cheers to Wendy, the Retirement Coach!!!

Steven, an educator for 34 plus years

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Thank you Steven!
by: Wendy

Steven is the first person I've ever asked for a Coaching testimonial.

On our last session, he mentioned MY Coaching Spirit and thanked me for the help. Many retirees do thank me, but Steven had the insight to realize (and voice) the fact that I don't take praise well.

His thoughtful words stunned me a bit. He could tell I was taken aback.... and didn't quite know how to respond. He used perfectly descriptive words to voice how he felt about our coaching sessions. Just a Big WOW for me! I am humbled...

Thank you Steven! I've learned from you as well as helping you through the Retirement Decision!

Wishing you the VERY BEST in your retirement!

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