Retirement Communities in Texas

Nowadays, Texas is on a lot of retirees minds but first, there has to be a choice of what weather one prefers, whether or not you want to close to a major city?

First, on Texas weather, it snows in the winter anywhere between the Dallas area and the Panhandle, boasts warm weather in Brownsville and Corpus Christi and has a nice cool temperature in the hills that surround Austin.

Second, how near to a major city do you need to be? If you enjoy theatre, a good ballet or opera then a location to a major city is a must. However, if you are seeking a more tranquil setting and wish to be closer to nature, then one of the small towns would be ideal.

Sun City is one of the retirement communities in Texas. It is a retirement community which has more than the normal perks. It boasts small town elegance and is just a few minutes from a major city, Austin. It is dubbed one of America's leading golden age communities. Sun City is one of the most affordable retirement communities in which to live and is in the perfect location. There are numerous activities to keep the retirees active such as tennis, hiking trails (for those who love the outdoors), swimming pools and not one, but three, top of the line golf courses.

Sun City has a number of parks for its occupants to indulge. It also has a community center where one can take part in woodworking or a simple art class. There are indoor games and activities such as bingo and dominos for those who can't keep up with the rigors of outdoor life. Finally, it boasts a life style director who is there to help you transition from the busy work world to this new phase of life.

Sun City caters to persons from the age of fifty five years. If there are still doubts, unlike many other communities, you are able to spend a weekend checking out the community and its amenities.

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