Retirement Day 2

by Louise
(Ontario, Canada)

I voluntarily left my job after 32 years. I shouldn’t say job, because it was a career -- a wonderful one at that. At 57 years old, I get full pension, not much less actually than my fulltime pay. It didn’t make sense to continue working as I would be working for next to nothing.

I’ve looked forward to this day for a couple years. But now I’m feeling very uneasy. I’m anxious and feeling a little down. I had a dream last night that I was at work, working through a problem. When I awoke realizing it was just a dream, I was in tears.

And this is only day 2!

Yes, I have lots of plans for the next phase of my life, but planned to use the first 3 weeks of my retirement as a vacation – do what I want, when I want, if I want.

I’ve never taken a 3 week vacation. Well, I’m already rethinking that plan. I need my routine; I do well with ruts I suppose.

I just finished an itinerary for my 3 week “vacation”. I feel better having done so. After my vacation, I will be very busy: back to college four days (4 hours a day) a week and volunteer work for half a day on the fifth day. I look forward to going to Costco during the week when everyone else is working. I’m excited about this next phase of my life, but I can’t seem to shake this feeling of trepidation.

Today is a beautiful, sunny spring day here in Ontario. I’m leaving shortly to visit an out-of-town friend for a couple days. The drive is a couple hours long and I intend to open the sunroof (even if I have to have the heat on) and turn up the radio for the trip.

My friend is one of those common sense people that just always seems to have the right answer. So we’ll drink a few beers when I get there, probably barbeque and watch late night movies. This thought in itself is really helping. I’ve never had the time to visit with friends and relatives as much as I would like. This is going to be nice.

I’ve enjoyed reading the stories on your website and find inspiration in many of them.

Wendy: Your story is SO like mine... and although you are feeling the same anxiety many new retirees feel (myself included), you also sound so logical. You've got a PLAN - huge step ahead and something so many THINK about, but just sit there instead. Kudos to you!

Hope you keep us updated... would love to hear it all worked out just fine!!

Best Wishes!

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by: N EAL

I would very much like to hear about your vacation. Where you went, what you did.

I probably will be unable to find this particular story the next time I visit. Seems I am loosing what little bit of memory I had!! But maybe... I’ll most certainly try.

I am retired, have been since ’06 and I never felt retired. I must be just different. My wife insists that I am bored, but I’m not.

Hope you find the right road.

In Christ....

I feel the same way
by: plp

This is a scary change. I just put in my retirement notice - 6 months to go. I have extreme anxiety, yet I KNOW I do not want to work full-time anymore.

I think I picked the wrong time of the year to retire - winter, but that will really force me to think outside the box and do something.

Wendy: Seriously, if you are already a bit worried.. YES, winter is the wrong time. Can you perhaps wait until next spring, OR retire early this fall instead? Just consider your options...

I always find it odd that some people think they MUST retire this specific month of the year as that's when they always thought they'd retire, or that's when they hit 25 years, or whatever.

Just think twice -- winter is rather dark, stuck in the house, maybe alone, simply not the best time to retire.. and since you mentioned it, I thought I would respond.

Best Wishes!

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Happy retirement to you Louise! sounds great, all the plans you have made, best of luck to you and you may want to keep a journal of all the wonderful adventures you are going to have. Because when one lives to be 100 years they may want to read all that they experienced when they were able to do so, sounds like u r on the right track, so stay on it and the best of luck and happy trails.

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