Retirement Decision: Always interesting!

by Wendy

Retirement decisions are never easy... and when I read this retirement interview online, I just had to comment on a few parts. Mind you, this is not a age 65 retirement, its a younger retirement from the game of Tennis. Still, his answers apply...

Andy Roddick is retiring... Who is he? A tennis professional who played at Wimbledon. The interviewer called him "the face of American tennis for the last eight years". It was Andy's retirement answers that got my attention.

Q. Why retire now?

ANDY RODDICK: I just feel like it’s time. I don’t know that I’m healthy enough or committed enough to go another year. I’ve always wanted to, in a perfect world, finish at this event... When I was playing my first round, I knew.

Isn't that like so many of us? I pondered retirement for five years and chose to retire, driving down the street to work, one fine spring day. Seeing all the beautiful trees in full bloom made me think.. Time is NOW! Plus I always intended to give a months notice.. but guess what? I only gave them 2 weeks (after 36 yrs). YOU KNOW WHEN IT'S RIGHT... (assuming you have the choice to voluntarily retire).

Q. Is it something you’ve been wrestling with for days, weeks, or months?

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, it’s been a process. It’s certainly not days. I don’t know that I would have had you all come in here and waste your time if it had been days. You know, certain parts throughout the year, I’ve thought about it. You know, just with the way my body feels, with the way that I’m able to feel like I’m able to compete now, I don’t know that it’s good enough.

Interesting to see that everyone struggles with the decision to retire.. it's inevitable as you are leaving your comfort zone. I liked the "certain parts of the year" as I was like that.. for months, I'd thrust my energies into work, suddenly WHAT am I doing? and back into thinking retirement mode, again... grin!

If we all struggle with the retirement decision, for months, years, how on earth do those who are involuntarily forced into retirement transition? It must be really difficult!

Q. How emotional is this for you? I know you like to make light of things. Now that it’s final for you, how emotional is it? What was it about that first‑round match that clicked?

ANDY RODDICK: I don’t know. On some big moments this year, I think I’ve known. You know, walking off at Wimbledon, I felt like I knew. Playing here, I don’t know what it was. I couldn’t imagine myself being there in another year.

Yep... Sound familiar? Whether you've voiced your retirement thoughts to family and friends yet, it's an emotional roller coaster in the mind.

Q. Is there an emotional element to this? You’ve sat alone and thought about it, talked to family?

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, I mean, I’ve had some hard conversations with Brooke this year, with Doug and Larry. You know, it was Brooke and I’s little secret over the last couple days. I talked to Larry and Doug today. We had talked about it throughout the year, obviously. Talked to a bunch of my friends that are here. It’s time.

He, like many of us, talked it through with others, helping to strengthen the retirement decision. Their opinions matter -- but truly, if someone says "don't do it yet" or "Retire, why not?" it won't happen until you internally think the retirement process through.

Just interesting...

If interested, you can read the entire interview here. Andy Roddick Retires!

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by: Richardo

Yes Wendy,these feelings hit home can be an internal struggle for some deciding EXACTLY when the time is right....but for most of us, we know. A big plus of course is "going out on your own terms." That is a very rewarding feeling, which is not possible for many today. Thanks for sharing the interview.

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