Retirement, Depressed in Scotland

by Scoty

I am struggling to cope and depression and anxiety have resulted, I’m frightened to go out and have little help through the NHS.

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I Can Relate
by: Canadian Retiee

Hey Scoty I can relate to how you feel. I was depressed a whole year after I retired. I was on sick leave due to cancer and after my treatments ended I didn’t have the mental and physical energy to return to my job

I wanted to but ended up retiring a year sooner than planned. At first I thought I made a mistake. It was awful. I had to get counseling and take an antidepressant for a year. I’m better now but the Covid isolation has been a bit of a set back.

Retirement is not an easy step for everyone but you can find peace once you accept your life has changed. I took up water colour painting and exercising. Find something interesting to do.

I would love to visit Scotland as I have Scot blood on both my mom and dads sides. Wendy’s retirement blog is very good and she gives great advice and support to us retirees. Hope you get help.

My recommendation also anxious n depressed
by: Tom in Canada

Greetings Scoty, I too have issues w/ anxiety n depression and with the onset of Covid it only got worse.

I used to take Effexor to deal with it while still working in a highly stressed overloaded workload but got off after I retired. I thought it was best for my present status to start back on the meds.

This has greatly reduced my anxiety n depression and allows me to at least carry on trying to enjoy retirement life.

This Covid thing could last for quite a while so I'd rather "try" n adjust without the mental-emotional issues I had to battle in daily life.

Best of luck

Feel the Same
by: Gary/Katy, TX


I am in the same situation and have been lost since being forced into retirement at 63. It's been 2 years and I still have not figured what the heck to do with myself.

Wendy keep me in loop and Scotty any developments with you keep me posted at coatingman7 at yahoo dot com.

My journey
by: Jane Curtis/Texas

I have been exactly where you are. I wrote a blog about it. "Taking The Tired Out of Retired". It is on my contribution page. Find it... read it. Then ask me anything. I am here.

What you need to know is we have all been where you are now. We have survived. We can help you get across the current of flood trying to carry your thoughts away from hope, productivity, or even a little happiness. There are answers. We are here to help you.

What you are going through is just part of the journey. You have a wonderful life ahead of you... it is your choice.

Hey Scoty!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

You really didn't tell me much here. You also didn't leave your email address so I can't write to you.

You must get out of your home. Can you do one thing and simply go out for lunch? Eat out somewhere, then back home. I know that's not as easy as I make it, especially feeling as you are, but being out in the world would do you so much good.

If you see this, please find the Contact Wendy page -- under About Wendy, Contact Wendy. Give me more details on what is happening.

p.s. I have Scottish blood in me... my grandmother, on my fathers side, was Scottish. Surname was Frazer!

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