Retirement Desinations: Minnesota, Arkansas, Georgia

by Pam

My partner and I spent long evenings, and many quiet mornings trying to decide which State we would prefer for our retirement.

We listed many attributes both negative and positive as we began our search for our perfect retirement home. We listed our priorities. Taxes, mean income, crime, climate, and even the states historical perspective on human rights.

Would we choose a state heavily populated, maybe one of this nations big cities? Or would we find again the joy of nature, and the peace of a small community we had enjoyed when first married?

Did we actually know anything about the major States that draw retirees like Arizona State or Florida State?

How about those like Idaho State, or Arkansas State with fine fishing, low prices, and low taxes? Or maybe we could just settle into one of the farming communities of Iowa State or Kansas State.

We quickly dismissed the hub bub of California State and figured Nevada States “glitz” would be reserved for a get away from our new home as retirees.

As we “processed” the many attributes of each state and were thankful we only had fifty to choose from we found ourselves alive in these discussions. It brought back to our relationship the thing lost for a little while, dreaming and planning. Not since dreaming of our first home or planning for our first child had we experienced so many magic moments of sharing.

This “processing” became of great importance. The joy and adventure we felt in discovering and choosing became then a goal we set for our partnership in the coming years.

Did we need to make any permanent choices? Or could we keep dreaming, keep choosing, keep living this adventure?

So we chose not to choose a retirement destination.

We instead chose to continue to dream, to continue to hope, and to enjoy change as we went.

First we will retire to Minnesota which offers so many tax advantages and good prices to retirees. We will profit our new “retirement” there and will remake a home for another set of retirees to take our place. Then we will move on to Arkansas where it is said maybe the red dirt of Georgia actually began it all.

Retirement is not an end. It is a beginning of renewal.

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Retirement: Have you thought about Northeast Alabama?
by: Anonymous

It has four season climate, plenty of golfing, fishing, hunting, sightseeing, medium population density, and convenient shopping. Beautiful mountains, rolling hills, valleys, creeks, small ravines, small farms, pastures, and wooded areas. Continuing education, culture events, international and regional airports nearby. Land and cost of living is low.

I have decided to retire in South Louisiana because we have lived there for more than 30 years, like the weather, and my children live there. The costs of living is very reasonable. Houses in some of the good old neighborhoods is selling at a low price now.

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