Retirement Disability
in Lyndhurst, NJ: HELP!

by Fran
(Belleville, NJ USA)

I am telling this story for my sister. She is 61 years old, will be 62 in August. She is on disability, she receives $720. a month. She has COPD. She receives income from SSI, & SDI.

Her friend of 41 years passed away a few months ago. She was giving him some money towards the rent. The rent was $1000. a month. She can no longer afford to pay that on her own.

We have tried so many places for affordable housing, and they all lead to a dead end. The waiting list are at least 5 years, & because she is not 62 years yet, they say they cannot put you on the list.

She is so discouraged, we don't know where else to turn. I guess this is more than our two cents. I can't help it when I start to talk about it, I get so emotional. Thank you for listening.

Fran Rosamilia (sister)

Don't want my sister to be homeless!

Wendy I did a Google search and here are the results. You should go one by one to see what each site has to offer. I know it's not easy and we had a one year wait before my dad got into his low income apartment (years ago before this huge housing crunch)....

low income housing in Lyndhurst NJ.

I do wonder if she might advertise for another senior to share the apartment with... sometimes it's simply necessary. She might find another who needs a home, quick... and later, move into her own senior apartment when the wait is over OR stay as is if it works out.

Hopefully others might have suggestions too...

It's not easy and she probably needs a temporary solution while she searches for permanent housing.

Best Wishes!

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in Lyndhurst, NJ: HELP!

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by: Pattie

Please email me at pattieplaypal at

I have ppl in Lyndhurst and the surrounding area..

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