Retirement: Enjoying My Life!

by Mike T.

There are many people who simply stay at home all the time when they are retired or go out and sit somewhere to read a newspaper.

I am not such a person as I believe that one must, to an extent, keep busy if they are to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That is why I do part time consulting for a company a few times a week in the mornings and afternoons.

This is a great way for me to get out of the house and wake up at a decent time. I enjoy putting on a suit and going to work and get a good sense of pleasure out of it.

However, I do have many hobbies as well. I love watching soccer and football so I also keep up with the local soccer scene. I enjoy going around sometimes watching different club teams play because I like to see how children are progressing at the sport they love.

I also volunteer at a local middle school for soccer coaching over the weekends. It is a great hobby of mine and keeps me very happy. I believe that I am contributing something to the kids lives and who knows one of them might go on to become a famous player.

I do not collect antiques and find that boring. That is something my wife would be more excited in. However, I do like to go around exploring new shops, especially small local ones, because they have a certain charm and beauty to them.

I also enjoy wine tasting and sampling new restaurants and bars as often as possible. I always need to watch what I eat but going to a new place once a week is a great outing and something to look forward to as well.

I am enjoying my life!

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