Retirement Failure

by Vicki
(Rockport, Tx)

We have one daughter, 24 years old, and we are both 67. We have moved around a lot as my husband was in the Navy and then his work led us to live in many cities.

Our daughter lives in Colorado and is just beginning her teaching career and I think it’s important that she is able to find her path without interference from us.

We wanted to live near the ocean as we like good seafood so we moved to this town in Texas. We have lived in larger areas, this place is around 10,000 people and too small for me.

My husband is an introvert and promised me he would go fishing a lot here. While I knew it was likely this would not happen, I agreed to come here as my brother and his wife are winter Texans here and another brother comes for a month but stays further south. At least I would see them periodically but that hasn’t happened either.

I intended to play golf but we have had the hurricane and the course I played at is gone. The only person I could find to play golf with is 84 years old but I am just happy I found someone to play! I play canasta a couple of times a week but I really think we should move.

We own a condo here and we have no idea what area might be a good fit. My husband is having some breathing problems and cold weather affects his breathing in a negative manner. We are not rich but we do not need to work for income.

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oh my
by: Anonymous

Sorry to hear this. I would get up and get out of there if I were you, while I can.

Is there some place you lived you would like to go back to?

I lived in an active retirement community for a few years, and became separated during that time. And I HATED living there. The people were nosy and BOSSY and PERFECTIONIST. I am a loner by nature.

Now I moved back to the place I loved before the active retirement community. I take walks alone or with my dog, have coffee, do online French class, garden.

My neighbors are never bossy, (I can do whatever I want in my home and yard, no questions asked). We are all helpful to each other when asked. It has various ages of people and a few kids. VErY importantly it has GREAT public transportation. One block away are two city buses that come every 10 minutes.

THANK GOODNESS I GOT out of that other place. Go go go.

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